The Tara Cabullo Palette

At 25 with no Nobel Peace Prize or any other noble achievements, I have yet to have something to be named after me.

So when shu uemura invited a couple of beauty bloggers for an afternoon of palette customization, I went straight to the Rockwell branch to see what the new shu uemura Color Atelier was all about, realized it was a customize-your-palette thing and what perfect way to do so than self declaring a palette with my name?

Signature shu uemura: Color all over the white interiors

Color blocks make us look like kindergartners playing <3 Super cute!

Goal for the Day: 1 Glow On and 2 Eyeshadows
But you also have a choice of two Glow Ons or four eyeshadows!

Naturally, I've been having a hard time narrowing down my choices
so I consulted fellow vain girl, Liz of Project Vanity <3
{Photo by Nina Solano of shu uemura}

Usisera Mode. I have this interesting look as Achie Nikki swatches
her e/s choices. LOL at my face.

Taken by Nikki, while I was choosing my Glow On.

The Girls take a break from color swatching <3
L-R: Phoebe, Rowena, Nikki and I

Look who's a very happy girl <3

And now, introducing the Tara Cabullo palette:

Color Atelier palettes {available in white and black} are available at Php 1095 {Quad Case}

Nina Solano, shu uemura Business Development Officer, updated us on the new prices of the cases and Glow Ons and e/s!

  • Glow On, 4g — Php 1095
  • Pressed Eye Shadow, 1.4g — Php 695
  • Mono Case (for 1 pressed eye shadow) — Php 450
  • Duo Case {for 2 pressed eye shadows or 1 glow on} — Php 500
  • Quad Case {for two glow ons or 4 pressed eye shadows}— Php 1095
  • Mono Case + 1 Pressed Eye Shadow (Php1,145.00)
  • Duo Case + 2 Pressed Eye Shadows (Php1,890.00)
  • Duo Case + 1 Glow On  (Php1,595.00)
  • Quad Case + 4 Pressed Eye Shadows (Php3,875.00)
  • Quad Case + 2 Glow On (Php3,285.00)
  • Quad Case + 1 Glow On + 2 Pressed Eye Shadows (Php3,580)

I finally chose M Medium Pink 375, thanks to Roy and Patrick of shu uemura's recommendation.

And presenting the Tara Cabullo palette {so called because who chooses
such flamboyant colors, right?}I love that there's no need for a magnet
or adhesives, too and that I can easily slide the palette so I can change it to
other shu uemura pressed shadows, too!

Glow On: M Medium Pink 375
Eyeshadows: IR White 911 and G Gold {as tribute to Kylie Minogue}
Can't wait to have somewhere to use my palette. Hmm, maybe tonight.

Check out the other girls' palettes!
{and in tradition of my palette, so goes theirs in their names!}

Oh and the Shen and Sophia Palette are yet to be revealed <3

What would you put on YOUR palette?
Take this test on the Color Atelier app and find out <3

Love, sparkly and customized things,