Of Advanced Greetings and Advanced Birthdays

It's funny how an advanced, un-contrived greeting can result to one of the best advanced gifts ever.

So it was Madonna's {as in pop star, Material Mom Madonna} birthday last 16th but we were not friends so I decided to post my heartfelt birthday greetings to my friend Tania's wall because I had to get it out. As you can tell in the succeeding comments, people followed suit {to my examples, I sincerely apologize} thinking it was indeed her birthday. The first few comments had me snickering {sorry, guys!} but when 50 or so people have been commenting, I was panicking. Did I just set off something resembling a prank?

Lucky for me, Tania is not the pikon kind of friend. As soon as she came back from Cape Town, aside from the exquisite South African goodies she brought back for us, she gave me a super advanced gift which I thought was absolutely fantastic. Behold, the soundtrack of 1985 --- the year I was born:

A bit of history and trivia on the year I was born.

I only know REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling :D

And best of all, the handwritten bit:

Honestly, this is one of the best gifts I've received in a long time.
Thank you, T! Suddenly I can't wait to be 26! Most of all, thank you for the friendship.