Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

There is a bit of cloud hanging over the subject of lipstick that makes ladies completely surrender to it and treat it as the only cosmetic item they wouldn't skip --- or on the other side of the fence ---- the only cosmetic item they'd love to skip.

There are many factors, really, why women either cling or abhor lipstick. Some brands dry the moisture out of the lips despite the presence of lip balm. Some stain teeth because of pigmentation. Some brands are gone in 60 seconds. Some, while perfect, leave the pockets sad. {I have been using MAC Pink Nouveau everyday and I am sometimes boggled how the price of a tube is already one family's dinner}. What's a girl to do?

A handful of beauty bloggers {including me, a privilege, really} were invited at the intimate launch of Covergirl's Lip Perfection at Sweet Bella in Burgos Circle last week. While the mini, sweet event was in itself such joy, I further realized that the new Covergirl lipsticks were really good --- the products spoke for themselves.

But first:

Covergirl goodies for us to play with to emulate THE Drew Barrymore. And the dark M&M's are such a nice touch.
Our team's Covergirl is of course Jamie! <3

The super adorable Brand Manager of Cover Girl, Jinkie Simbulan, explains what's special with Covergirl's Lip Perfection.
{Forgot to take a photo of the pretty Aireen, Covergirl's Corp Comm Officer who's a deadringer for Drew!}

And here I am, in my original frizzy form, wearing Covergirl's Lip Perfection in Hot:

Photo by Sasha

This convinced me that red lipsticks can really make you look made up with just that on your face <3
That, and for the following reasons, I've been wearing Covergirl lipsticks everyday the past week:

  • Glides on very smoothly --- not much need for lip balm :D Thanks to its Silk Therapy component!
  • Smells YUMMY! As I've blurted out, it doesn't smell like Lola's makeup. In fact, I think it smells a little bit like vanilla, too.
  • Inexpensivo at Php 395 a tube.
As proof of me wearing the two shades I received from Covergirl, here are some photos from the past week which I took before diving to work:

Covergirl Lip Perfection in Hot and Dazzle and a lip liner in Suede

 This lipstick made me a morning person <3

Pouting on Osmena Highway =P And yes, I have no lip balm but it's so glossy!

Dazed and Confused in Hot

Red Fridays are the best. <3

Looking forward to getting myself all the other shades especially Temptress <3
After all, it truly was easy, breezy and beautiful. It's official, I love these lipsticks.
And I think I may have found my new everyday lipstick.

What about you? Tried any Covergirl lippy lately?