An Ode to Girlfriends

There is one thing I truly consider myself lucky with: girl friends. When I have met friends back in my younger years, I knew I was already loved by the Universe for sending me girls who were together with me every step of the way and could identify with the things the teenager, the fresh graduate, the crazy yuppie I was once. Having them right now, tighter than ever before, is a stroke of luck I thank the Heavens for.

But today is about two of my closest friends whom I've only met when I started working at Sun Life. I used to think that it'd be easy to make friends with anyone but I realized, almost four years into the company that while friendships do happen, it also is a conscious choice: a happy choice you're willing to make every single day because when your 24 hours are filled with tasks to be ticked off from your list, to deadlines that need to be stricken out, to sleep your body needs, to me-time, the friends and the companions you keep --- you better make sure it's worth it. And it's been worth it, with the September girls.

C, Me and T: Their birthdays are only a week apart and they're my September girls <3
{Obviously, we have other friends but it's not their birthday, so maybe next post :D}
Photo by Marge of Metro Magazine.

One of my bestfriends whom I've been with since high school once said I was lucky to have found women such as C and T. Our talks are nothing like I have with my other sets of friends --- a thing I attribute to their age {they're older than me but no, that's not a bad thing, just to make that clear}. There have been far many things I never would have foreseen, nor predicted and yet these women gave me tons and tons of their wisdom. This wisdom has gotten me far in my life, gotten me through troubles {and believe me, I have entangled myself in a LOT of troubles in life LOL}. They have taught me class, molded me in some way to be someone I am proud of. When I have doubted myself, they've raised me up and were like my own personal cheerleaders. Their friendship has given me strength in those times I wasn't sure whether to fight. We might not listen to our parents {everyone's role model and reference to someone older, but I do listen to my mom and dad!} but it's true when they say Papunta ka pa lang, pabalik na ako. I don't have my parents with me at an arm's length and it's not easy to have them on a different time zone but these girls {and some more old-er people har har} are the people I count on for guidance. For having them in my life, I am eternally grateful.  

It ain't especially easy to be hanging out with someone younger. I myself find this not the easiest of things to do, as people younger than me tend to have more superficial worries than I have and it's a fault I have: I can't tolerate it. It must be a mean feat for my friends to tolerate my sometimes crazy issues. But I am glad they've stuck with me this long and counting.

So this post is for you, C and T: Thank you for the friendship and happy, happy birthday! 

Independent Women, yes we are! You two are Charlie's Angels, you know :)