Day 20: What are the 10 most significant events in your life?

1. The day I was born. I'm pretty sure I was reincarnated from another form, from my past life and when I think about it, I am only too happy to be who I am now and to be where I am. I think my birth into the world is a gift all on its own. A gift from God to me.

2. The day I graduated grade school and high school --- because I remember I still had my father with us back then. My life back then was as normal as any kid's, going to a celebratory dinner after and you know, the usual. I never realized usual those days would be something so rare now.

3.  Winning a national editorial writing contest. As early as 11, I knew I had talent in writing {hello, buhat ng bangko, anyone?} because I'd repeatedly gotten really nice grades on my essays and I made my English teacher burst into tears with a tribute essay I gave her. When I reached the age of 16, I became the paper's EIC {dream come true!} and I won a competition on editorial writing held in General Santos City. I loved every minute of it.

4. Winning spelling bees in grade school because. Because I loved words and I think it's what started my love affair with words, grammar, the English language, aside from reading too many books.

5. My eighteenth birthday party. Entering a room to the sound of Sex and the City's opening theme and in a chartreuse evening gown {my favorite color back then} was a dream come true for my eighteen year old self.

6. The day my father died in my arms

7. The day my mother first flew to the US as an immigrant. I must've cried six buckets of tears.

8. My college graduation. I was thisclose to screaming freedom after getting off the stage. I had imagined a world full of possibilities, of places to go, of people to get to know and a life to make. My imagination has not failed me to this day.

9. The day I received my first paycheck {or first paybalance?} I am a useful citizen who pays tax, finally.

10. Every single time I step off a plane and into new land. I swear I would always hold myself back from kissing the ground.