Things I Love Sundays: Alive

To wake up and to initially have that feeling of, "I can't believe I'm still alive, thank God" is something that's becoming quite common these days. That is to say that I feel like I've been hopping over several obstacles these days, things that can be changed by the day that's about to come, things preceded with a long, drawn-out breath.

And so most mornings, I see the sun streaming through my windows, I hear birds chirp amidst the slow purr of cars passing by, and when I open my eyes, my first thought is: "I'm still alive. Thank You."

In celebration of that, here are some of the other things that make me eternally grateful that I'm still alive:

Blue means iMessage. I love this. And despite apps gone MIA, I am in love with iOS 5.

Pink Nouveau will always be my favorite lipstick of all the lipsticks I own. How do I know? I realized I've halved it today and I was filled with fear!

Is it just my luck that I work with the people I am closest with?
I always think that one has to love what she does for a living -- and then it is another to love the people she's with at work. After all, we spend more than a third of our days at work. Make it worthwhile.
{and if you're wondering what my shirt says, it's Half Korean, Half Kare Kare}

 Greeneries. I feel most creative when I see greens around me. Forever and ever.

Books that spark fire in the heart. I've never been this fired up in work and in my craft. Thank you, Tony Hsieh and Brains on Fire team.

And another spark: One that ignites my love for romance, the English language and the two of them mixed together. 

 Getting a handwritten letter is in itself a treat. Getting one from a dear, close friend is another. The contents, of which is about a treasured friendship, gratitude and affirmation is most appreciated. Thank you, T! <3

Happy Lemon Rock Salt and Cheese Anything. You remind me of childhood afternoons, siestas, a chance to play outside as a reward {was not allowed to go out when I was a little girl}, playing with santan flowers, tasting the middle part of the buds, blowing gumamela bubbles and eating sandwiches and drinking Swiss Miss. Oh, what a drink can do. This drink. And that other very nice drink, Lemon Yakult.

The Calm Before the Party Storm. It's nice to be out and about with friends on a Friday night, period.
Photo grabbed from The Seventh High Page.

And as I was typing this entry, this came in the email:

Someone's been using her sketchpad! And I think I'm prettier here than the original photo LOL.
Thank you, T!

This video restored my faith in Filipino mainstream movies and films. Because of this, I am once again embracing Filipino movies {except those ones with ex-politicians in them}. This is an example of a short film that displays a very Filipino act of looking for signs. Good job, Nestle! I love the last song, too!

Happiness is defined as being content with what you have. By that, I can declare that I'm indeed a happy girl <3

Oh and here's my song of the week:

Boys Don't Cry | Grant Lee Philips

Happy third week of October!