Day 8: What’s in my handbag

Wasn't too keen on this since I've posted the contents of my bag twice in this blog already but hey, here you go, the evolution of the contents of what I carry with me most times:

In 2008:

In 2010:

And now, in 2011:

  1. Current book I'm reading, and possibly one of my favorites, ever {Brains on Fire} and my BDJ planner. Of course.
  2. Medicines. I keep a number of Advils and Bioflu, just in case.
  3. Wipes and  C&C Oil Blotters. I sincerely cannot function well if my blotter do not smell of grapefruit.
  4. USB and VPN token. For work purposes, of course.
  5. Avon Sassy Swirls in Vanilla Blossom. I smell ~sweet~ with this pocket scent and I love it, too!
  6. Steve Madden specs. I have very low grade with my eyes but my optometrist insists I wear them so it wouldn't go higher. Useful when I'm having an eyebag day, too.
  7. Human Heart Nature Lemongrass Hand Sanitizer, Celeteque Hydrating Mist and Alcohol. I'm a sucker for anything lemongrass so even if it's malagkit, I use it for the scent. The hydrating mist helps my skin retain its moisture all day as I am always in an airconditioned environment and the alcohol is my security blanket.
  8. Business Card Holder. I have massive talent in losing business cards I acquire from new acquaintances so to serve as well, as my business card holder, I got this snakeskin purse thing from Fully Booked.
  9. Car Keys
  10.  iPod
  11. Makeup Kit, of which the contents can be seen here.
  12. Red crocodile skin wallet.
  13. iPhone
  14. A pen. It's impossible to stay sane all day without my favorite Muji pen.

What's in your bag?