Clips of the Day: Charlie vs. Maverick, Closing Time and 2 Broke Girls

Probably one of the most powerful scenes in American film history, and one of my favorites, too. I edited a DVD copy to capture just this part and watched and rewatched it for a good two hours.

Yes. Really.

Charlie vs. Maverick | Top Gun | 1986

I am not sure if Tom Cruise always has this sort of onscreen chemistry with all his leading ladies but he sure does have much of that with Kelly McGillis. Suddenly, I want to go blonde and don a biker jacket and teach flying lessons.

Take my breath away.

Friends with Benefits Flash mob with Semisonic's Closing Time
Loved the movie but I loved this part the most:

Closing Time was my first groupie song ever. I like it even more now.

2 Broke Girls is currently my TV addiction because Suits is taking long and next to this, I think I'm addicted to Covert Affairs.