shu uemura Milky Magic

I was hesitant, too.

I've first heard of the shu uemura cleansing oil back in my college days. I have heard of this product that seems to be the answer to removing impurities from the face. When I wrote my first review of the cleansing oil, I mentioned how expensive I found this product, thus never wanting to try. On second thought:

How is oil supposed to help me get rid of dirt? Too, I have very oily skin.

But I guess, we never really know until we try, right? Like I have said, after my first experience with the shu uemura oil, I was already convinced that oil can indeed attract oil. At that time, I've purchased the green / Premium AO variant, too {as it was the one I tried, plus the Premium A/I variant}. I learned that despite being oily, the crazy weather could sometimes drive my skin to feel tight and I don't like the feeling. Using a non-drying and oil-based cleanser helped remove that from the equation. Is it pretty obvious that I have fallen in love with the shu uemura cleansing oils? I remember a comment from a dear friend, too, about these oils, from my previous post. It helped convince me to buy my own bottle after trying it out.

I love shu's cleansing oils, too! Haaaay, back in the day, when this economic crisis hasn't happened yet, shu uemura sent is 4 huge bottles of the cleansing oils!!! I can never use all 4 so I'd give them away to very grateful friends.

And yes, the bottle is pricey but I think it took me almost 8 months before I finished a bottle so it's so worth it!!!

NeuroChiq, I'm an oily girl, too! This is why shu's cleansing oil is magical. Just think of 2 separate sheets of wet plastic. If you stick them together, diba they get attached? Same with oil with oil! The cleansing oil sucks up all the oil on our face and when you rinse, WOW! Super clean! And not dry at all, too. Try it! =)

I knew what to expect but here I am falling in love with another variant yet again:

But first --- a group photo.

What sealed the deal is the fact that despite being oily, my skin felt too tight, especially in the undereye area. One night, I was mindlessly patting eye gel on my eyebag area and they still did not feel relieved. This went on for days until I shelved the cleanser I was using and switched back to the shu uemura oils I had in my beauty cupboard. Aside from the cleansing skills, I am forever amazed at how my skin reacts better with oil {must be because I am older and has drier skin and all that}. I am sticking to this until it gets too hot to bear oil on the face.

I invite you to it as well.

See below to know what's your shu uemura cleansing oil match:
  • shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Cleansing Oil - for oily skin; This is the lightest formula, too.
  • shu uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula - for all skin conditions; Fairly light, too
  • shu uemura High Performance Balancing Cleansing Oil Enriched - for dry skin, I think this is a bit oilier, just like the green one
  • shu uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/O Advanced Formula - for anti-aging concerns, very thick, too.
  • shu uemura Brightening Cleansing Oil Advanced Formula - for whitening wishes 
  • shu uemura Cleansing Beauty Oil Premium A/I - for sensitive skin

My new choice of cleansing oil is now shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying cleansing oil. I blurted this out to Nina Solano {shu uemura's Business Development Manager} that the pink one's edge over the other cleansing oils is that it's such a fun thing to use. Aside from the fact that the pink bottle is a treat to see on the bathroom sink, the faint smell is very apt for girly girls like me, too. Too, this variant is the lightest of all, it's not as oily as say the green one and is best for oily-faced women.

As always, to use the cleansing oils, three to four drops are needed on a full face of makeup. Patrick of shu uemura reminded us that hands should be dry, as well as the face.
When poured or splashed with water, the face evokes a little something like this:

Well, it's not really milk but it's pretty cool to see, especially when the emulsified liquid is a bit blacker or with color because you can see your makeup getting off your face.


  • Personally, I truly advocate shu uemura cleansing oils. While they're penny-pinchers, they last quite a long while so it's worth it.
  • They have about the same effect/ usage as Pond's cold cream but personally, I don't like removing the cream with cotton because it takes so much effort. So shu uemura Fresh Pore Cleansing Oil it is!
  • The Fresh {pink} variant doesn't block my eyes as much as the green one. LOVE <3
  • I feel such a girl every time I use it. 
  • No color on the cotton pad that I used for toner after cleansing with the fresh oil. It means that my skin is really clean.
I really urge you to switch {if you haven't yet} to shu uemura cleansing oils {for the second time, LOL}. You get a discount for doing so, too!

15% off! Don't forget your non-shu uemura cleansers!

Oh and some photos from the mini-event last week at shu:

Partner and I wearing the Shen bracelets <3

And as always, it was a beauty-ful event. L-R: Liz, Phoebs, Me, Earth, Nina of shu uemura and Rowena.

PS: Loved the Tulloch wine we were sipping!

Do you like cleansing oils, too?