Day 16: What do people notice about you?

I'd like to believe that it would be my wits. Or my ability to pull off a scintillating conversation. Or my puns and my amazing vocabulary. But no. {LOL, what.}

It's always about my physical appearance. It's about my curly, sometimes blonde, currently red hair. It's about me wearing an unusual shade of pink lipstick or an incredibly red one. It's the trail of perfume I leave. It's the bangle or jangle of my bracelets. It's the fact that I have the audacity to wear animal prints in a conservative workplace.

 What do you notice?

Sometime a few months ago, though, a dear friend told me that there's something with the way I walk that announces my presence. I clack my heels, and my heels tell everyone of my power walk, of that urgency that I'm off to something important and that I'm in a rush, or maybe attempting to glide through a room. My walk, according to this friend, was the summary of what I was thinking, of my purpose. In high school, a guy wrote me that he likes everything about me, especially the way I walk. Which I have no idea of. Or that other noticeable, that I really was a softie beneath the I'm-a-tough-mean-girl demeanor. Nevertheless, the walk bit is one of my favorite "noticeables" that I've received. The devil is in the details and details make me smile and grin. All the time.

And apparently, I can make the same sounds even when in flats.

Have we met? What did you notice about me?