Things I Love Sundays: Lighthearted Days

And while I mourned for some days and was in a state of sadness for the loss of the world over Steve Jobs, it was a fairly happy week <3

Here are some of the things that made me smile :D

 Goodbye, Hagrid-inspired hair! Hello copper and healthier locks :D
Visited my favorite salon {Piandre on Leviste St.} and favorite hairstylist {Aimee} and now I have seriously beautiful hair. To quote Shen, Bhug.

Securing tickets to a much-awaited concert <3
Thanks, Remy!

Lunch dates with the BFF <3

Rustan's sale on imported beers hence an impromptu Oktoberfest :D

Random cute guys texting in front of me:
LOL, definitely not random {Hello, Anton del Rosario!} This was just one of the many snaps from my high-energy, work-filled weekend.

Winning at something. And in board games, too!

My mom and the things only she can help me with. Basta, she knows what this is all about!

My mom and dad, photo taken by me, at the Niagara Falls Cafe.

Well, of course every Steve Jobs meme I've seen, because they're all nice and reflective of how nice he was, and the tremendous effect he had to the world. This is my favorite:

And I'm going through a phase: Watching Filipino films. 

My Amnesia Girl | How come no one told me this was so funny?!
Any more recommendations?

Oh and some films I'm excited to see this year!

Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol
Damn, it's that familiar soundtrack again.

My Week with Marilyn | Starring Michelle Williams

What's making you smile today?