Day 14: What do you like most about yourself?


For  someone who can talk a mile a minute {and maybe, quick to judge}, I forgive pretty easily. I also never hold grudges --- a trait I kept hating myself for because I sometimes wish I know how to make people realize what they did was hurtful. Sometimes, I make the mistake of punishing myself for things I've done unwittingly or in vain. It's pretty hard to be having a tampo with yourself, too.

But I realized that all those things I made myself learn over the years, all those books I've read about letting go, about being in the now, all the grudges that were forgotten --- am I not to be happy because I have learned and I have moved on to more important things than being sad, or being caught up, or riled up with people who've hurt me?

And if it's yourself you're having a fight with, who else can forgive you but you?

I guess that is what I like best about me. When I've been hurt, or offended, I easily smile and chalk it up as something not personal, thus relieving my heart of the heaviness. And I choose to live like this today and in the future.