Flats are Fab, too!

The threat of varicose veins and/or falling and facing the floor too close have never been things I consider every time I step out of the house in at least four inch heels. I have major issues with my self - esteem, as you may have noticed, whether it's about my skin or my height. I like walking tall, especially when I'm doing my tasks at work.

A Day in the Life of Tara Cabullo -- going around for Trick or Treat! In this photo with my two colleagues, photo taken by Manny Reyes.

Silk top - SM Department Store
Blazer - Colour Eighteen
Skirt - City of Vintage
Heels - Pill Footwear

That day was pretty fun, I remember having to crouch down to so many little princesses, monsters, monster brides and butterflies. I also remember having to stand so much in these heels, which no matter how comfy seem to tire me out. As it was a payday Friday, and I had an appointment at House of Obagi, I needed to haul myself to Greenbelt 5 by means of walking because the streets of Makati were at a crazy standstill. Thankfully, I had the Brianne flats I got as a gift from Faith de Leon and Arn Piedra {my tita/cousin!} in the car and I hurriedly changed into it and headed to GB5.

Now, I have been out in the public wearing flats --- and my favorite pair has been this red pair from CMG, which has stood the test of how mean I am with shoes. It has lived through crazy walking in Toronto and Montreal and the streets of Makati, too. However, it's not wallet-friendly because it's at Php3,500! If flats are always of that price range, I will have to stick to heels instead, where somehow, I feel like I'd get more back from the buck.

With the girls at the Pond's Launch at Society Lounge last week, I had my trusty red flats to save me from my nude pumps which I've been wearing all day.

Now,  thanks to Ate Arn and Faith, I have new favorite flats!

The Brianne Flats from FAME {Fabulosity Made Easy} is only Php 690.

Aside from its economical price, I like how it's very comfy and that I've garnered so many inquiries about this pair while I was wearing it. As soon as I took it off that night I got home, my feet didn't have garter marks and I felt more relaxed than usual, better than when coming home in heels. If you like this particular pair as well, please check out FAME's Facebook page which houses all their other collections. Some of the pairs I'm interested in are:

FAME Flats are available via Facebook or their official website.

What's your take on flats?