#NoRantDay Tuesday

Borne out of being fed up of reading rants on social media {of others and ourselves, LOL}, the #NoRantDay Tuesday was created:

Admittedly, I turn to my Twitter for my rants, my drama woes and my cryptic posts. We might think, it's always to the risk of the reader but sometimes, social media, instead of playing a crucial, positive-vibe-inducing vehicle, becomes the source of stress and distress to us, and our followers.

I used to be really emo and sad on my Twitter account. This was the reason why even if it was public, I did not link it up on this blog and I did not post so much useful information. I literally just logged on it to talk to my friends {hello, Team E!} and to rant. I rant about my day, people I get stressed out with, strangers I encounter in the elevators, slow cars, slow banks, restaurants that has bad service, my internet provider, and the list goes on. And for what? It didn't make me happy! Soon enough, people who followed me probably got tired of sending me virtual hugs and virtual comfort that it was no fun to follow me anymore. Ranting on Twitter is the electronic version of gathering your friends and dishing out relevant-only-to-you details and wishing everyone would sympathize with you. I used to think, "Hey, it's my Twitter and I can say what I want to say" but I had friends who read my tweets and did I want to burden them everyday with my sad tweets? Didn't think so. More importantly, what we broadcast and what we say on these sites have become our responsibility, regardless of how many followers / readers we have.

And so I thought, that unless a rant is constructively put, there's no use putting it on Twitter, or any SNS for that matter. So I changed my tweeting style.

Typing all of these reminds me of a comment I posted on birthday girl Frances' post on the Oprah of Blogging:

Like you, I tend not to write about nega stuff on my blog. For me, what's the point? I mean, if it pisses me off, why would I want to share it to people? I don't want to seek the sympathy of people, strangers even, even if people give it wholeheartedly. Like you, I don't want to give bad vibes through my blog, regardless of how many or how few people read it.

Thank you for this post! I'm pretty sure bloggers who read this will be enlightened and be more inspired to spread positivity.

So this #NoRantDay Tuesday is dedicated to you, F, the Oprah of Blogging! And to millions of people who may or may not be aware of this #NoRantDay, but is striving to spread positivity in social media, this is for you.

Shoutout to folks who've shown support {and kembot, LOL} to #NoRantDay Tuesday as early as Monday LOL:

Phoebe Ann

Life can be sad and annoying and full of shit. We can make social media a better place. Let's all make Twitter a happy place!

Happy {pun intended} Tweeting!