Welcome to Manila, Benefit Cosmetics!

Oh. My. God.

It was a couple of weeks ago when I received the invitation to catch a sneak peek of the Benefit office and the products to be sold in Manila when I uttered a gasp and a smile. When I was 19, I discovered Benetint, the cult favorite of fresh-faced women who wants just a hint of blush and an all-natural look. It was a couple of years after when I saw their products such as Posie Tint, Lemon Aid and Coralista that I was truly intrigued and piqued and amazed. Benefit hit me as a brand reminiscent of pin up girls and feminism. I am a huge fan of their witty names and quirky packaging. The only pimple on the complexion was that it was not available in the country and that it was hard to order from anywhere at all. 

 Being at the Benefit Headquarters is such a pick-me-upper.

As a Brand Girl, my first stop was to check the brand's DNA and am happy to see and to be associating myself with a brand that espouses the following:

  • The San Francisco Scene {but I choose Manila}
  • Laughter and Fun
  • Fake-its instant solution
  • Creative Packaging and Irreverent Names {My name appears right beside Irreverent in the dictionary}
  • Duality of Bold and Girly
  • Brow Bar, Drop in Now
But miracles happen and prayers get answered and finally, FINALLY, Benefit Cosmetics is here in our country, opening on December 15th at Greenbelt 5, right on the spot where Jurlique used to be. I, together with a couple of lucky beauty bloggers were invited to try and test Benefit products that are to be sold here:

Smokin' Eyes and Brows A-go-go

Any makeup junkie like me knows the Benefit concealers by heart: Erase Paste, Boi-ing and Lemon Aid.

Hello, Flawless indeed made me flawless and bright on this day where I only had three hours of sleep.

10 {Benefit's bronzing duo} and Dallas

Blush picks: Bella Bamba {which I have!} Hoola and Hervana

Sugarbomb and Coralista <3 <3 <3

Moon Beam {an amazing highlighter}, BeneTint {cult favorite forever, hello, Frances!}Cha Cha Tint, High Beam and Posie Tint {a natural looking blush tint for blondes, methinks}

Benefit Lippies

Lee Lee, Bella, Eva, Gina and Carmela scents

Benefit's Got Skincare and according to Jheng, the makeup remover does wonders!

There are kits like Finding Mr. Bright that has smaller versions of products.

And here we are, dizzy and natataranta which products to play with first.

 Benefit Cuppycakes <3

Happy Benefit Girls: Shenny, Phoebe, Jhengky, A Very Sleepy Me, Martha, Dior, Benefit's Chief Fun Officer, Aubrey Bautista and Liz.

I got Porefessional and Bella Bamba  from Aubrey and will be sharing a review in the next few days!

Do you like Benefit Cosmetics, too? See you at the Benefit Opening on December 15th! <3
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Happy Friday!