Roxy Surfer Girls of Summer

I've always wanted to be called a Roxy girl.

The Roxy girl


loves to surf.

 The Roxy girl is fun, quirky and strong.

The Roxy Girl is cool.

For the Roxy girl, summer is forever.

Roxy has always been a brand that I have aspired for. To me, I who have {previously} never touched a surf board, or braved the waves is not worthy of such association.

And so I strove for it


I can surf now. I am worthy to don surfwear and not just be a wannabe.

Photo by

Sasha Manuel

I was lucky to be invited last weekend to be a part of

Roxy's Femme Fling at Solenad 2 in Nuvali

. When Ian of M2Comms and I met up at the

ROX store at BGC

, my first question was: "Who chose the bloggers coming to the event?" He answered that the client did --- and my heart did a little jig of glee as I realized I could pass as a Roxy girl since the brand wanted to be associated with


and vain and shallow blog.

It was a proud moment!

Note: While at the exit of Sta. Rosa going to Nuvali, a group of soccer players were waving at me. I am not entirely sure why. It still puzzles me to this day.

When I arrived at Solenad, the rest of the

Roxy Girls


Shen, Phoebe, Trish, Issa, Lissa, Verns, Kryz, Trixie, Lace and Earth

} were already having their lunch at

Sumo Sam

After lunch, we were treated to a nail pampering session with


, and so I had my lovely nail art, too:

Photo by



I forgot the shade of the polish but it's something from Orly and it's amazing on my nails

. xx

White wine-ing while having my paint on


I'm glad they had energy drinks available though because someone was very sleepy from being tired the previous night. This one tastes like grape juice, too!

And then it was time for us to take photos of ourselves, our team composed of

Trixie of


Kryz Uy of

Thirsty Thought



{whose blog escapes me now, sorry}. Our challenge was to come up with a polaroid that captures

Endless Summer,

with Roxy stuff grabbed in 20 seconds and shot in 30 minutes:

That's me,

Kryz Uy




Trixie Reyna

. Special thanks to Trixie's SO, Junjie, for taking our photo using



A combination of the girls' enthusiasm, fashion smarts, summer spirit and


's styling {and credits of this photo!} and our laughter rehearsal, we won the challenge!

Read Kryz's post about the same event here.

This is how it looks clearer, photo from

Kryz Uy


Of course, that triumph didn't come easy: We were looked at by several curious shoppers probably thinking what the hell girls in bikinis were doing walking around Nuvali, the Nuvali guards stopped us from shooting photos and several films of the


were wasted plus our hair had grass bits in it from lying down in the grass BUT it was worth it! In the end, we were all happy girls with our Roxy stuff:

I love my Roxy pillow


Outfit details and yes, I dressed


down for the event!




Cotton On


Converse All-Star Chuck Taylors

My Roxy Haul: Rashguard, board shorts, bikini set, Roxy shirt, Roxy beach bag and flip flops.

I am a very happy girl.

I can't wait to go the Roxy surfing trip on January with the rest of the Roxy girls so I can try out my new surfing ensemble :D 

Do you like Roxy, too? I most certainly do!


For your swimming and surfing needs {simply put, a shirt won't do, even if I got away with it!}, shop at Roxy at the following branches: Roxy Robinsons Place Ermita, Quiksilver (Nuvali, SM City Cebu, Abreeza, SM Annex, Alabang Town Center), Res|Toe|Run (Sandals/Slippers Only), R.O.X. (Bonifacio High Street, Marquee Mall Pampanga, SM Cebu), Bratpack Stores, Urban Athletics, Stokedinc., and The Travel Club (Bag & Travel Goods Only).

*All Roxy photos/materials are from the official Roxy website. No copyright infringement intended.