Pin+Spire = Win an iTouch!

There's something about visual boards that makes one gravitate towards realization of these images. I remember re-blogging mostly travel photos for my Tumblr account and they have come into fruition. Sometimes, the board serves as my digital scrapbook where images, quotes, lines, videos and songs that inspire me {or make my blood boil or something} go.

Enter Pinspire, from the words Pin+Inspire. The thought of pinning things on a virtual corkboard makes my toes tingle in excitement!

And so, in celebration with this new visual cork board designed to inspire the artist and the dreamer in all of us, is giving away 1 iTouch for the most popular board and iPod Shuffles to succeeding popular boards!

The better thing about Pinspire is that there is a category for your pins so it'll be easier for you to sort through your visuals when the time comes that you need to go back and be inspired! You can group your pins in categories such as:

  • Fashion
  • Technology
  • Art and Design
How to win:

  1. Sign up through this link. You can use your Facebook or Twitter account.
  2. Pin at least one original image and the rest can be just re-pins.
  3. Leave the link to your board via the Comments section.

  4. Deadline of entries are on February 25!
  5. Winners will be chosen from all the entries collected from all participating blogs through popularity and creativity, judged by number of pins, board followers, and likes.
What I normally do is have my boards on standby --- so I can pin images, links, or anything at all that catches my fancy! If you're like me who posts things on a daily hourly basis, you just might walk away with a brand new iTouch or iPod Shuffle!

So go, start pinning, inspiring and post your board's link here. I'll be waiting!