Things I Love Sundays: The Little Things

You have a brain in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.

- Dr. Seuss

It's been three weeks into the new year and if there's one thing I have learned so far is that you can pick yourself up from wherever it is that's driving you to misery, you can feel fine, and you'd feel your worst --- but you always have a choice.


Anyway, can I just say how much I've missed writing TILS posts? I HAVE MISSED IT SO! I have taken it to writing down on my planner all the things I've been thankful for, as I thank God for them and it's overwhelming how they've taken over the pages of the week. Like that cliche, if we count our blessings, we'll never feel poor. If we take note of the things that we are blessed with rather than the things that aren't in our life, it feels infinitely happier. I promise :)

Milk Tea in the afternoons -- they go so well with chitchats with girlfriends over really funny things {like true things}. C & T. Coming to work and having breakfast. Vanilla-flavored brewed coffee. Chef Tony's mocha popcorn {thank you, Achie W}. Girly iMessaging with my girls and squealing inside. Cheese rolls with Shen and talking about crushes like we were in high school. 

I've only been reading the free back issues of Oprah Magazine and already, I feel like a better person after. It is with this Miranda July article that I finally gave in to the $20 investment for one year :D If you have an iPad, the O Magazine has free back issues, and I swear that their mission in life is to inspire through every page.

Tara vs. Excel and Tara Wins! Pink Nouveau. Excitement over Chinese New Year events. Gossip Girl's End of the Affair episode. Carpools. Pink-themed parties. If Meredith Grey's therapy is looking at newborns, mine is looking at wedding blogs:


And the hair. I want that hair.

Photos from Grey Likes Weddings.

Handwritten cards. Always.

Thank you for the nice card, Jewelmer, and for the fantastic gift {not in photo}! It's always a pleasure working with you :)

Elizabeth Arden's Prevage and Red Door and a stack of books adopted from my friend, T {thank youuuuu}
plus my Steve Jobs' bio from Chai <3

De-cluttering for the new year <3 Someone asked me to post a photo of the books I'm reading currently, plus what my bedside table looks like. I figured I'd hit two birds in one stone with this picture:

 {Click to embiggen}

Long weekends to lounge, recharge, retreat, refresh and restart.

Happy Chinese new year, new week and new and best life ever!