Weekday Sans Hangover and Some Walker Wisdom

Any normal {most probably, single} well-functioningalcohol-tolerating corporate slave would be lying if s/he said s/he doesn't drink most on some weekdays. I am one of them.

Now, it isn't because our throats are just shouting for the quiet comfort of alcohol, nor would you feel the gurgle in your liver, sending letter bombs to your brain to down that Patron on a Wednesday night.

I do remember one lesson I had when I was about 15. My father {as in my deceased biological father} and I were at a social function. He asked the waiter for a drink and in a few seconds, a glass of Johnnie Walker Blue Label was in front of me.


Drink up. Learn to drink that and no one can trick you into something you don't want to do. Or have something done for you.  

I must've coughed so much when I took a sip because honestly, my tongue was not at all prepared for some fatherly bonding of drinking up, and for scotch whiskey, too! I had counted on this for when I would turn 18 but my father must've felt he wasn't to see this anymore so he taught me how to drink and not to get drunk and also not to get hangovers.

Almost eleven years after, I finally look back and see and feel thankful that my father taught me to a smooth drinker. When I look back, while I did have my crazy drunken moments {on weekends, please don't fret} and buzzed weeknights, there were many memories, numerous conversations, deals I've sealed, friendships I've established and negotiations won, moves I never would've done if I wasn't influenced by our distillery friends. Then again, the key here is to know until what level of alcohol you can take.

Drink moderately, as they say. Take that to heart for you don't want to be doing things you will be regretting the morning after.

Mixers, formals and events you thought were superfluous are contributors to one's success. In my career, however young may it be considered, I have seen high powered people pull out badass career / business stunts with a glass of whiskey in hand. {Also, I have such huge respect for men who only drink scotch whiskey at such places. Men and margarita / Cosmopolitan / Vodka 7 just do not match =P}

This did not make me drink more whiskey of course. But last week, the BFF gave me a reason to start choosing Johnnie Walker more on occasions I'm drinking:

Tara Vs. Walker. Some years ago, I never would've considered a Johnnie Walkerdrink but now, and maybe it's because it's age, and maybe I have acquired the taste finally, and maybe because I love it with ginger ale, that I did enjoy it and will continue to. Aside from that, true to the myth that surrounds it, I did not get a hangover the morning after, and woke up at 6 AM, too.

Photo taken at Opus at Resorts World

{Also, it's one of those nights that I just slapped on a red lipstick because I have no other makeup on!}

Just like university nights, Dang and I finally are in the same club in the same night -- something we haven't done in a while.

Team E VP Phoebe joins us in the photo and teaches what washes down well with Johnnie Walker with Ginger Ale. But that's for another story.

Most days, I'm just your regular San Mig Light / Vodka lemonade toting girl, really. But if there's anything to learn, your best bet when power-tripping, so no one can ever fool you, or just whipping out a power drink, is a glass of Johnnie Walker.

Also, I have my father to thank for this wisdom. I hope you and Him are having fun toasting up there.