Weekend Haul from ATC

Last Saturday, I trooped over to the South because I was kind of missing the laid back feel of just hanging out in the South. You see, about six months ago, I relocated to Makati because I was so addicted to work (ha!) that I had to live close by. Anyhoo, since I haven't been to Alabang Town Center for quite a while, I made sure it was the first place I went to. And my agenda? Shopping!

My haul:

From PCX:


1. Clairol's Herbal Essences Shampoo in Color Me Happy : I've been a fan of Clairol's as a kid and forgot all about it when I grew up simply because more and more shampoo brands came out in the market. When I saw the packaging and the name last Saturday, I quickly dumped it into my basket and bought it.  Color Me Happy! The name is endorphin-triggering! Even the smell is to die for. Acoording to Clairol, the shampoo is infused with acai berries and satin. Seriously, it smells like Pink Kool Aid.

2. J & J Milkbath: No other bodywash, for me, comes close to smelling like real milk as J & J does. 

3. Mouthwash

4. Carmex Cherry Lipbalm: My friend C has always raved about how Carmex kept moisture to her lips all day. I was gonna give it a try :)

5. Toothbrush Case

6. Pantene Total Care Conditioner : I may be able to go a day without shampoo but conditioner? No. Pantene rocks and so does the smell.

7. Goody Hair Elastics : Since I had my hair cut short, I started tying it up on days I don't feel like blow drying it. :(

8. Colgate Classic

10. Playtex Slimfits Tampons : Yup, am a tampon girl.

11. L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara. I've never tried a L'Oreal Mascara so I'll give this baby a try, and a review if I get the energy! :)

From Kisses & Co.

1.Black & White ruffled ensemble + A-line skirt

2.Black Satin halter dress with bow

From TwentySomething Girls:

Purple puffed sleeves satin top

From the magazine shop:

Rogue, the Style Issue, featuring Hindy Weber-Tantoco on the cover.


From Charles & Keith:


Gray low-heeled pumps in size 38. Charles & Keith for me is a brand that's very classy and reserved when it comes to styles. I have yet to comment on the quality because this is the first C & K pair I've bought but generally, I think they're quite sturdy. My officemate C swears by the brand and trooped to Singapore so she can buy loads of C & K shoes. For this pair, I immediately bought it because gray shoes are trendy at the moment and I've been looking for shoes that are pointy but not too high at the same time.

That's it for now. :) What about you, what was your weekend buy?