In Search of No-ordinary Make Up Brushes

I’ve been searching for the best, reasonably-priced and locally-branded set of make up brushes for the longest time. 

There were many brands I thought of considering, especially the country has been booming with local entrepreneurs who sure knew what a consumer, heck, what a kikay consumer really wants.

But more than being kikay, and a makeup lover, I am also a lazy consumer. The thought of buying another set meant lingering in my bathroom longer to wash them thrice a week or more, if I use them MORE. I cannot express my disdain on washing them enough – I hate washing. :D

Stumbling upon Venus and MarsAntibacterial 5-pc. Brush Set was a rather welcome thought – a welcome purchase to have. 

All images are lifted from Venus and Mars' website.

Brush dimensions:
V&M brush set (From Right to Left)
Powder brush: Dia.19*138mm height
Foundation brush: Dia.14.5*143mm height
Angled shader and crease brush: Dia.11*142mm height
Eye blender brush: Dia.10*140mm Height
Concealer brush: Dia.10.5*143mm height
Pouch: 165*115mm (closed size)

Venus and Mars says:

"These brushes are active AGAINST bacteria; hence it prevents them from lingering in the bristles. These bacteria are the main cause of the formation of blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and other irritating skin blemishes."

I am one who rallies against dirty brushes but is too lazy to wash them. This product is SO ME!

Manufactured in Hong Kong, the V&M Antibacterial Makeup Brushes are tailor-made for Venus and Mars, you don’t risk running into someone who has the same but not from VNM.

I am definitely in love with their scarlet handles and elegant two-toned bristles. 

And the fact that its pouch is not made of leather and IS waterproof makes it much of a winner in my book. For someone who is burara and un-careful with most things, this being a waterproof pouch is a plus plus. :D 

Brush pouch is zippable! Woot!

Retailing at P 1,099, the brushes are very affordable for such size. If there was anything I am looking for with whatever I buy in life [from investments to make up], I make sure I get the bang for the buck. This is one of them.

And won’t you know it, V&M is having a prebuy sale with the brushes selling for P 1,059! That’s 40 pesos off, a free brush cleaner and samples from V&M's upcoming MMU line! The actual savings total to P 199. 

From the V&M website:

PRE-BUY SEASON: May 13, 2009 to June 19, 2009 10PM
PROMO: Antibac Brush Set + Antibac Brush Soak = Php1059, SAVE 199!
If you want to avail of the pre-buy promo, all payments for this limited edition V&M brush set must be settled ONLY UNTIL June 19, 2009. NO REFUND. MMU SAMPLES ARE TO BE GIVEN AWAY TOGETHER WITH THIS SET.


I just ordered and took advantage of a really great offer. What about you? What was your recent bang-for-the-buck moment?