Review: L'oreal White Perfect Day Cream

How is Tuesday treating you, ladies?

It has been a slow day for me yesterday, I'm still recuperating from lack of sleep since I was out with my girls last Friday, till 4 AM on Saturday, went to a company event at 9 AM, and played Cafe World  the rest of the weekend. I swear, FB games are the shit, don't try unless you want sleepless nights and groggy days. Anyhoo, I am saddened by how Typhoon Parma [or Pepeng, the one that skipped Manila but went straight to North]. The whole Northern Luzon, Philippines' main and biggest island is soaked in flood and there were a ton of landslides. Please pray for them.

You see, these past few days have been the most harassing for me. We've been working on multiple projects, on top of our BAU tasks and I'm quite surprised I've still been looking decent, fresh and my skin is glowing at 5 PM of every day [something that never happened before, as it's always dull and lifeless, this skin]. The thing is, I've been using three new products, let me introduce you to the first one:

L'oreal White Perfect Moisturizing Day Cream with SPF 15

A little history on my moisturizing background: My HG moisturizer for probably almost three years now has been Olay Total Effects , and before that it was Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. I had no problems with TE, until recently, when heat has become so unbearable int the mornings and I had to switch to a lighter formula since I also pile on Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 55 on my face everyday.It was a stroke of luck that there was a package from L'oreal with my name [coming from Shopaholic Universe, thank you!] and it included this day cream. What does it say [straight from the box]:

  • More Rosy Glow. Enriched in new Tourmaline Gemstone that helps stimulate skin microcirculation, this cream gives skin intense rosy glow.
  • Less Yellowish Complexion. It also contains Advanced Melanin-Block, which acts to regulate the melanin production at the source to help skin become fairer.
  • Protection against UV-induced skin darkening. Exposure to UV rays, especially to UVA, accelerates and intensifies melanin production, leading to skin darkening. Enriched with the powerful L'oreal patented Mexoryl SX UV filters system, White Perfect Fairness Control Moisturizing Day Cream SPF15 provides perfection against UV induced darkening and the appearance of brown spots.

With an average fair skin, I do not wish to become any lighter than what I have now. My only requirements are that my skin stays hydrated, protected and bright -- almost luminous [hah, I wish].

What I liked about it:

  • Non-greasy. True to its promise, this did not feel like I had oil on my skin at all. The consistency is much lighter than Olay TE, but still creamy enough not to fall off your spatula or fingers.
  • Light. I love, love how I don't have to blot my face immediately after I go past the door and face the sunshine, as I've been doing with Olay TE. Before, I average about 10 pieces of blotting film. I am now down to 5 a day.
  • It makes my darn skin bright at 5 PM. And as I've mentioned, it's never happened before. Now I am not sure if the reason why this has never happened is because of my moisturizer, because like I've mentioned, I do use three new products right now. Before, at the strike of 5 PM, my skin is beginning to reflect the day's fatigue, heat and all the smoke I and my skin have inhaled. For two weeks now, my skin has been looking like it did in the morning which is always a good, good thing.
  • My skin feels extremely soft with this on.  
  • Locally-available. I see a lot of L'oreal stands everywhere -- and I mean everywhere. Being a drugstore brand, it kind of raises the bar with its skincare line. I've always had at least one L'oreal bottle in my bathroom at any point in my life. I used to use this facial foam from the Gentle --- something. I forgot the line's name but it was the green-bottled one and I've always loved it. I then switched to the Dermo Expertise line, and they upgraded it to the White Relightening one. Oh and I did try the Pure Zone line, too! Review to follow. 
  • My skin discoloration [yep, I have some] have definitely lessened and I owe that to this product! 
  • I would like to say that it is reasonably-priced because I am quite sure this falls into the Php 750 - Php 1,000 bracket but I am not so sure. If you do know, please advise me :)

What I do not like about it:

  • The tub. It's very tedious to scoop out cream every morning just so I won't dip my fingers into the tub. If you knew me in person, you would know that I am almost always late and a very impatient one at that. Why don't they use a pump bottle instead? :/
  • The scent. It reminds me of medicines but it goes away very fast so this is forgivable. 
  • No anti-aging ingredients.
  • Limited SPF but I'm okay with this since I use a separate sunblock. 
  • None that I can think more of, really.

Would I buy this again?

YES. But if L'oreal came up with a better one then I'm off to try that one.

Additional Comments

: I don't think this product is the solution to your whitening woes and I definitely do not recommend this for that purpose. If, however, you were looking for a solution to brighten your skin and lessen the appearance of spots and discoloration, this just might do the trick. I haven't tried the Night Cream counterpart because I'm still very happy with Olay TE. Has anyone tried it though? Do let me know.

Hope this review has been helpful to you!