Liquid Wisdom*

*as opposed to Liquid Courage that one gets from beer, this piece of wisdom I got from someone while we were having bottles of beer (or was it Malibu?) somewhere in Makati.

Don’t be in rush moving from the not so serious to the serious. Everything has its seasons, everything has its time.
I’m not sure I ever worried about a pair of shoes I wanted to buy, didn’t and lost sleep out of it. But being caught between hurting and being honest; been there, done that. Seeing flaws in others so bad I must lose them; that, too. Thinking my concerns are petty; yes. Drinking for courage, yep. Having to leave carelessness and needing to grow up, yes, but only reluctantly.
And after everything that’s happened to me so far, I look forward to tomorrow up to 60. Life is designed for living after all it’s a miracle how we can get caught in one moment after another of it.