Looklet Chronicles 03: Dreaming of Dressing Up

My girlfriends can attest to it: I wish to dress up all the time. I bug them many, many times just so we'd go out and I could put on my highest heels. To where? It never really mattered. With a life mostly revolving around work and zero social life, my dresses have remained where they were since they were first acquired: at the back of my closet. With the holidays making me a recluse, and while my activity has been limited to binge eating, there is no way that these dresses will see the light of day anytime soon.

With that, I'm turning in to Looklet  to do the job for me, at least for the mean time. Enjoy!

How's your Sunday? Mine is sooooo lazy! I've been in my room for two days and didn't really come out unless nature called!