Why Pole Dance?

How are you? I hope that my Philippine readers have all recovered from the typhoon that have hit us all {I myself have a smashed window because of this.}

Going back ...

My friend C, from whom the whole idea of the list-your-goals came from just texted me: "

You wanted to pole dance, right? I saw a studio in Ortigas, called Movement Dance Studio. Their number is 944 8075."

Truthfully, it's only been a week since I completed and publicized my list but it seems like everyone around me is really helping and providing helpful inputs so I can take steps towards my goals. Not that I hate it {I most certainly don't} but I'm a bit overwhelmed and pressured, I must say, to work harder to have the funds for all of these activities and to finish in a little over a year {my gosh, where do I start for the darn Europe fund!}.

But anyway.

One of the things on my list is to learn Pole Dancing and you know, eventually use the skills when the time comes that I encounter a pole and a willing audience. Contrary to the usual belief, no stripping is allowed in most pole dancing classes. And to be scientific about it, I consulted my bestfriend, Wikipedia:

Pole dancing is a form of performing art, a combination of dancing and gymnastics. It involves dancing sensually with a vertical pole and is often used in strip clubs and gentlemen's clubs. A similar pole (Chinese poles) is used in cabaret/circus and stage performance in a non-erotic environment, in which context the style and moves are very different.
Advanced pole dancing requires significant strength, flexibility and endurance. In a strip club setting, pole dancing is often performed less gymnastically and combined with striptease, Go-Go, and/or lap dancing between performers. The dancer(s) may simply hold the pole, or use it to perform more athletic moves such as climbs, spins, and body inversions. Upper body and core strength are important to proficiency, which takes time to develop.[1]
Pole dancing is now regarded as a recognized form of exercise[2] and can be used as both an aerobic and anaerobic workout.[3] Recognized schools and qualifications are being developed as pole dancing increases in popularity, with the overall sex appeal toned down.[4]

I first encountered Jamie Lee Curtis doing a striptease-slash-pole dance in the 1994 flick True Lies, albeit super funny, awkward and she ended up banging her head on the floor. In my young mind, I wanted to do something so arresting and manipulative {a young b*tch-in-training, I was}, that pole dancing stuck to my mind.

The next video I encountered with a pole dancing scene was Aerosmith's Crazy, featuring Alicia Silverstone and Liv Tyler. It's probably one of the craziest videos I've ever watched when I was younger and to this day, it is still one of my favorites.

Notice the pole dance by Liv Tyler. I am amazed at how sexy and sensual she made herself while still being 90% covered {reminds me ofAlexander Wang, too}. That's the thing with pole dancing --- it can really make you look amazingly sexy without stripping off your clothes.

And so, to satisfy curious cats out there, and to lay down the reasons why I want to devote time, energy and resources to this kind of dancing, here are the reasons why I want to learn Pole Dancing:

  • Calories. I can't wait to burn the excess calories I have in my body. I may not be fat literally, but I have flabs and I have cellulites {ick!} in all the wrong places. According to this website, a session of pole dancing can burn as much as 250 calories. For someone who doesn't have a gym regimen, that is good enough already.
  • Muscle Toning. The logical step after attempting to lose the flab is to try to tone it, which pole dancing does.
Supporting your entire weight with one arm can be challenging and will build your upper body. It also helps strengthen your stomach muscles and you can, if you go regularly expect to see increased muscle definition in your bottom, arms and thighs.
  • Put gymnastic skills to use. One of the few classes I did enjoy going to as a kid was my gymnastics class. As a young girl, my mother made me choose between ballet and gymnastics --- with ballet having a hideous, camel-toe-prone uniform of baby pink leotards and tights, I happily chose gymnastics {with black leotards} and black shoes. I used to mean splits, I can balance myself on a balance beam and practically any steep {flat} surface and I can stand on my toes for a long time. When I moved to a different school in high school, cheerleading wasn't much of a thing anymore as it was in my old school that I stopped going to gymnastics school because I didn't need it anymore. If I start doing pole dances, I would be happily reunited with my balancing acts and it's a challenge for me because here, I'd be dealing with a vertical pole as opposed to ones before which were all horizontal.

Stick It

- My favorite movie about gymnastics

  • Happy Hormones, anyone? Just as any form of exercise, pole dancing deliver happy hormones to one who does it. And I for one, is in dire need of those!
  • Get that sexyfeeling. I. Have. No. Clue. On. How. To. Feel. Sexy. Most days, I just feel like a wimp trying. I can make myself feel authoritative {I can be bossy, I admit} but feeling and exuding that "sexy" feeling is a real feat for me. There, I said it.
Like sipping slowly a love potion, pole dancing also has a powerful psychological effect. While all forms of exercise ups the self-esteem, pole dancing goes even further by making the ladies feel very, very sexy as they let go of their inhibitions.


  • For myself. Because I shall never rest until I get this done and over with. Because at some point in my life it will be great to do some pole dance moves out of the blue. And because I want to shed my lifelong inhibition to restrict myself of activities considered "naughty" and "inappropriate" by the society.
  •  At this point, my schedule cannot permit regular pole dancing classes {I still have my pending swim classes}.

However, I already know where to get the classes {Movement Dance Studio} and how much {Php 4,600/unlimited for 2 months}, which is doing great for my list. As to when, definitely before November 2011.

What about you? What are your thoughts on Pole Dancing?

*Movement Dance Studio

is located at 3/F Promenade Bldg., Wilson cor. P. Guevarra Sts., Greenhills, San Juan, Metro Manila | Tel.no: (02) 7217711.