Something New! St. Ives' Skin is In

If you've been a beauty/skin care enthusiast since the 90s, you probably know very well the drugstore brand St. Ives. I first discovered the brand St. Ives from my classmate D, whom I shared a few crazy experiences with, some of which were:

  • Singing "Unpretty" by TLC {complete with the yogini pose} in the middle of our Asian Civilization class, thus prompting our teacher to make us stand in our desk chairs the whole period.
  • Cutting class to go home and cook mango pancakes which turned out to be a pretty yucky sight but ate it anyway.
  • Cutting more classes to change clothes and go to the nearest mall and scout for the newest facial washes, facial scrubs and knick knacks.
  • Build websites through Geocities {oh God, how jurassic!} because we both loved being techie and tinkering with codes, designs and HTML. Now I think I'm confusing her for another friend but whatever.
  • Basically, more fooling around and being super rowdy for girls who were fourteen year olds.
Anyhoo, in one of our trips to Watson's, she introduced me to St. Ives' Apricot Scrub, a facial scrub I've used for so many years because it works, it was dirt cheap {a student has priorities, ya know} and because it was available everywhere.

Fast forward to now, I am lured and confused and disloyal with so many facial products in the market, I have forgotten all about St. Ives, until today, when I saw they redesigned their packaging!

Well, now that I think about it, I remember using the body wash in Vanilla and Shea Butter and one of Apricot a few years ago for so many months. I just loved how sweet I smelled every after bath, like cookies and milk!

Hmm, Oatmeal? I wonder if this has grains!

Exfoliating Apricot definitely has the same grains as the
facial scrub but is more gel-like and smells yummier, IMO.

Minerals? Sounds ocean-ish! I must try!

Ooh, Vitamin E! My skin needs so much of this
especially after it being too battered by the insects in Palawan :(

Aloe and Chamomile Body Moisturizer sounds soooo soothing
and perfect for night time!

Oatmeal and Shea Butter body moisturizer. Ack!
I hope it doesn't have oatmeal bits, though!

Now I can't wait to try all of these again and feel like my life is back to
being high school, being crazy but extremely simpler than I am now,
for a few months at least :)

*Images from St. Ives