Of Scents and Sounds

It's a pretty blah day, blah good, if I must say. I had been able to get in half an hour of workout this morning, rushed to Sofra on The Fort Strip for a building topping off ceremony, got a lot of work done in the course of five hours, had a three-hour chat/coffee session with a fellow blogger and a colleague/friend, had more chats with my friend Pumba, and the cabbie, too {who made sabat  when we were thinking hard what the third, or was it fourth, book of Twilight was, supplying the answer}. Whew!

I love days like this, ya know. Some days I like it eventful, with so much bang and so much hysteria, much like Ginger Tea,  with its zing slowly but surely pulsing through your throat, giving you that much-needed kick. Other days, I like it calm and steady, comparable to a lemon myrtle chamomile tea {which I had this afternoon, ooh, so refreshing!}, which sways you almost into a slumber.

And so as I wind down before going to bed, I just want to share with you some web finds that came to perfect the day, just as I am putting my legs on top of a foot stool, reading a book and a cup of hot chocolate in hand:

Eau de Parfum inspired by the book and movie Eat, Pray, Love.


EAT EAU DE PARFUM is a sweet effervescent scent inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s travels through Italy as told in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love. When Fresh was approached by Sony Pictures Entertainment to create fragrances inspired by the film adaptation of

Eat, Pray, Love , Lev Glazman,  Fresh Co-founder and Fragrance Designer, was instantly intrigued.

This sweet, effervescent scent indulges in Italy’s most addictive desserts and sensual wines. Notes of bright Italian lemon and basil are balanced with creamy textures reminiscent of cannoli and tiramisu topped off with sparkling Prosecco and Limoncello for the ultimate gourmand experience.

Top Notes: Italian lemon, basil, bergamot
Middle Notes: plum, red currant, rose
Bottom Notes: caramel, meringue, vanilla
30ml - 1oz - $32.00

PRAY EAU DE PARFUM is a woodsy fragrance with undertones of exotic spices inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s travels through India as told in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love. 

When Fresh was approached by Sony Pictures Entertainment to create fragrances inspired by the film adaptation of Eat, Pray, Love, Lev Glazman, Fresh Co-founder and Fragrance Designer, was instantly intrigued.

Inspired by India’s serene sunsets, fresh soil, and traces of incense and spices that permeate warm winds, this scent has great impact and ultimately puts you at peace with a comforting blend of jasmine, pink pepper, patchouli, amber, juniper berry, cardamom, and incense.

Top Notes: elemi, pink pepper, juniper berry
Middle Notes: incense, peony, rose

 LOVE EAU DE PARFUM is a sunny floral with tropical fruity undertones inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s travels through Bali as told in her memoir Eat, Pray, Love.

This fragrance bottles the bright, colorful, anything-is-possible feelings of falling in love. Scents of passion, like percolating pheromones, sun-caressed skin, and salty kisses, are combined with the lush aromas of Bali’s exotic landscape.

Top Notes: bergamot, red currant, mango blossom
Middle Notes: lisylang, Tiare, dewy jasmine
Base Notes: sandalwood, vetyver, velvet amber

Of all the scents {well, three of them}, I personally feel like I would swoon over Love  the most. Not at all because I'm in love, well I am, with life, but I've always been a citrus, tropical scented kind of girl. I once wore a chocolate-y scent {

L de Lolita Lempicka} but to this day I still have half the contents of the bottle because I really don't feel it sometimes.

Oh and I thought I'd share some old songs that were sung in sorta-old TV shows but listening to them right now makes me insanely relaxed, plus I love how songs are always sung in certain situations, putting a whole new meaning to it:

Joshua Radin - Sesame Street  {Yes, as in the Sesame Street OST}, as sung on Scrubs I'd totally include this on a wedding album! Jace Everett - Bad Things {as sung for True Blood}

When you came in the air went out
And every shadow filled up with doubt
I don't know who you think you are
But before the night is through
I wanna do bad things with you

Oh My God, you guys! I totally forgot I also watched Legally Blondelast night! What a fun musical! I had so much laugh over it, with girlfriends and well, because I felt like I could finish the characters' sentences {I have to admit I must've watched Legally Blonde the movie about ten times now. Scurry.}

What about you? How do you like your days? How did your day go?

I wanna know!

Fresh images and product description are from their website.