I Need to Amp up my Skincare Regimen

Because, faux humility / fishing for compliments aside, I really look dull.

While the main culprit really is my faulty lifestyle, I am more than ever, convinced to pay more attention to my skincare regimen. As vain as I would like to think I am, I have not really paid so much attention {and investment} to my skin. When I was younger {like ten years ago}, I was so hell bent on getting clear skin and eliminating teenage acne that I wreaked havoc to my super young skin, having exposed it to a barrage of dermatologists and treatments but I guess, the elusive poreless, super soft and super smooth skin just wasn't for me.

Since then, I've decided that I'll just stick to things that don't fire up my acne triggers and so far so good. Until today, when I've been looking at my recent photos from bloggers I've been spending time with these days. Despite my efforts to try to look radiant {making daya with make up ha ha}, I look dull and my skin is reallyblah. Really, really. I have a very basic skincare regimen, though I only use Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Serum occasionally since most nights I'm dead tired to add another step, my lifestyle is the utmost culprit {Case in point: I'm typing this at 4:36 AM on a Saturday morning, after I've taken a puff of MLs}.

SourceMiss Kikay Corner  and Me at M Cafe, Greenbelt Cafe

Me and Miss Gee and her Pink Nouveau lips {Source}

The BFF and I {Can we please set date night already??? :)} Source { That, and I need to find a lipstick that will distract me from my blah skintone.}

Aside from the pictures, why my mind has been constantly plugged into skincare is because on that day that the photos were taken, I've attended two events: one for L'oreal  and one for Obagi. Both events were informative, I ended up mentally noting I had to earn more money to support my cause of better and more radiant skin. Now that I'm about less than a month away from turning 25, I have to be more careful of the things I eat, inhale, with my lifestyle and start veering away from my sedentary lifestyle.

That, and I have to start doing something with my skin. On the photos, it looks like there isn't much of a problem with it. In real life, it's extremely dull and I have a couple of bumps and red spots here and there. It's not pretty :{

I've heard of Obagi from frequenting sites such as Femalenetwork.com and from reading magazines that share how effective {and expensive} this skincare treatment system is. Plus, a dear friend has undergone the expertise of the Obagi products, too. I have always been convinced, but since it was expensive, and can only be purchased through an accredited dermatologist, I've put it in the backburner for a while.

And so, as a resolution, I'll be carefully evaluating the following products so I can achieve beautiful, radiant skin {who doesn't want that, right?}. And as always, I'll be chronicling my experiences here.

Project: Hello, Beautiful Skin
Subject: Me, of course. I'm my own guinea pig
Variables: Obagi Exfoderm Line {and maybe a treatment, who knows?}

L'oreal White Perfect

Ponds Gold Radiance

I'm terribly excited with all these skincare stuff I'm about to experiment with but at the same time, scared, too but what the heck, we only live once! And in this lifetime, I want healthy and beautiful skin.

Anybody tried any of these stuff above?

Love, love and more love,