Friends to Bloggers

I have to admit that the process has originally been reverse for me, having known bloggers way before there were any meetups or that much room for the two of you really meet, right SashaShenNikki  and Jheng? Truly, one of the best things in life is discovering common interests online and validating this offline. As any blogger can vouch for, people are not always the same bubbly / articulate / friendly people they are online. And that's not bad, it's just that sometimes online relationships does not transcend equally in the real world and it's nothing to be sad about. Lucky for me, I seem to be hitting a fortunate streak.

Anyway, this post is truly about the ones whom you have known before they were bloggers --- and in the same way, it's exciting to think of and look into the future of their blogs, because I know how fab {and what's fab for men?} they are in person.

To express oneself in an art like a blog is something I hold my breath for.

Having said that, allow me to welcome, in this little space, my IRL {In Real Life friends} and by that I mean people I've known before we've been blogging: The Neurochiq: Random Thoughts on Living an Insanely Beautiful Life by my best friend, Dang Villanueva.

Neurochiq has always been Dang's nick online and from the name itself, one can denote that she's indeed, crazy {I'd like to say that in a good way but we're not exactly goody two shoes so whatevs}. And that's why we're bestfriends, having known each other since we were 13. Aside from that, she thinks and talks like an adult way before I and our other friends, so that's one thing to watch out for {though it's been a good stretch of months that she's been blogging already.}

Topics usually covered: Organics, Makeup, Inspiring Articles

Cutoffs and Coffee : Life as I see it by Frances Melliza - de Guzman

I've known Frances when we were little, literally. She and I went to the same grade school but since it was too far from where I lived {a decision I made for myself when I was five, BTW}, we did not grow together as how we hoped it would have been, as I moved to a school nearer to where I lived. But thanks to phones {landline!}, school visits, Friendster {so early 2000s}, being almost free at university, Facebook and dinner get togethers,

Frances and I and a couple of friends from grade school have reunited every so often. The kid who was so great at art when we were little is exhibiting that passion through fashion and writing. I've always egged her to start a Lookbook account many times and well, I can't blame her, it's quite a tedious choice so she is starting her fashion chronicles, or Costume of the Day (s) as she calls it through her blog,

Cutoffs and Coffee.
Topics usually covered : FASHION. And its many facets.

Wit and Spit: Le Whatnots by Mac Vengco - Bergantin

Now that I think about it, it's kind of through online, too, how I met Mac. But we were both non bloggers then, but wrote nonetheless through Multiply's journal. In 2008, we met in Cebu and in 2009 when she got married and I was lucky enough to be part of her mass participants together with her other beautiful friends, who were equally fab. What's lovely with this friendship is that even though we don't get to hang out as much {with me being here in Manila and her moving to Cebu last year}, our friendship has been flourishing through trips to the thrift stores the last time I was in Cebu, plates and plates of dessert {Babe, I get to dream about that every now and then!} and conversations on Facebook. Now, our friendship will even be better as we interact more through our blogs!

Topics covered so far {very new blog, too}:  Fashion, Photography, Serious Topics like Jueteng {a must read, BTW}

I Can Write Stuff Other Than Source Codes, You Know?
by Kirk Andrew Monasterial

 Dear Kirk, please do not kill me for putting a pink stroke on your blog's screen cap. And truly, the dude can.

Kirk is a guy whom I've known from work. Though I normally work with the IT guys at the company where we both work at, it is only lately when the both of us were involved in a project. One time, he posted a link of an article he wrote about old school internet {which inspired my internet post, BTW}and since I don't get to read a lot about my officemates' blogs, I clicked and wow, the dude can write. I have been cross-posting his articles on a little column we have at work and it's a great thing to be able to share good writing to lots and lots of readers.

Topics usually covered: Real Life experiences {I particularly loved his post about an eavesdropped conversation}, Technology, Science

What about you? Any IRL friends who have started blogging?