Monday Playlist

It's another beginning, another week to rock, to survive.
And for every instance, there's a playlist.
This is my playlist, what's yours?

Comfortable, John Mayer

While I never really pine for any of my exes, this song hits it right on the spot. Not for me, not for me.

Stuck in a Moment, U2

Nothing like wisdom from one of my favorite bands EVAR.
{Favorite line: There is nothing you can throw at me that I haven't already heard.}

Oo, Up Dharma Down

There isn't much local bands I like {well, actually there's a lot} and UDD is one of 'em tops the list.
Oo is just so frighteningly real nowadays, it's scary.

Little Bit, Lykke Li ft. Drake

It's a happy song and I can't quite decide who I'd hit on first if I saw them together.

Paper Planes, MIA

This just never fails as my morning song, as I cruise by San Juan and Mandaluyong
on my way to work.

Sink / Let it Sway, Somebody Still Loves You, Boris Yeltsin

This song takes me back to days of summer vacations, stolen glances and stifled smiles.
I Love You, too, Boris Yeltsin.

Recessional, Vienna Teng

If there was a song that would make you think "Wow, that's beautiful," this is that song.
The music is very deceiving though because the words are the saddest.

Akap, Imago

Filipino music, y'all. I have daydreamed to singing to a crowd with this. Much too many times, really.

Take a Bow, Madonna

I loved this when it came out and now, I still cannot get over Babyface's haunting
second voice to this track. Egad.

If, Islands

I love how this song is a mix of sweetness and sarcasm. Hmm, now that would be
apt for me. Sweet and Sarcastic. Hmm.

Happy Monday, y'all!