Things I Love Sundays

Long weekends. Long, lazy weekends. Curling {cuddling} up in the corner of my bed and reading a good book. Notes from bosses who knows what to do when someone from their team wants to run around screaming.

Hi Tara,

Just a note. I know how much stress this project has brought you and I am also aware that this is a “stretch objective” in as much as it is really a multi-dependency type of deliverable. Don’t let the hurdles defeat or demotivate you but always use each challenge as an opportunity to learn and improve. There will be many more projects in the future so consider this an immersion and am sure all the little hitches will remind you to avoid them next time…so it’s really a learning experience =) For now, konting tiis nalang and a little bit more push… and we’re almost there. Just a short note to lift you up =) 
Thanks for seeing this through vigorously despite all the challenges, Tarajing. Dahil dyan may pasalubong ka.

This new kick ass app at iTunes called Instagram.

That's my dresser {which I finally organized!}. Photo taken using an iPhone through Instagram

Frozen yogurt and girlfriends <3 {and Thai food, too!}

Red Mango Green Tea yogurt with Honeydew My Blueberry Nights, because merely listening to Jude Law {playing an emphatic cafe owner, Jeremy} and his accent is worth the watch, among other things. Armie Hammer as Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss on The Social Network.

I die of visual fixation.

Purederm's Hydro Pure Gel. I used this on Sunday night, had immediate results {hydration can really work wonders} and when I woke up, I had even softer skin! I like the fact that it does a lot to my parched skin and it smells a little like Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea. I really wish I had more time everyday, I would have injected this to my daily skincare regimen.

New sheets, handwritten letters, football jerseys and laughable questions.

My favorite bookstore called again. It's here! Overseas telebabad sessions with Champ. Reading out loud over desserts.

Dress Shopping! <3 What do you think did I end up buying? {left: CCI, middle and rightmost dress, from Cole Vintage}

PH Care wipes. Because we all need a pack. All the time. Ooh, and it's minty, too.

Yankee Candles <3 Makes the mood even better when I'm reading or blogging but my favorite scent would have to be Christmas Berries <3

*Images of Armie Hammer and the Yankee candle are not owned by me. No copyright infringement intended.

What are you loving today?