The Body Shop Winter Trend 2010 is to Sparkle For!

Or alternately titled How to Look Absolutely Mahinhin.*

I'm totally late for this because this has already been launched all over The Body Shop stores nationwide but I can't stop gushing all by myself as I am looking at the Winter Collection of The Body Shop! I first saw these babies over at Nikki's and Bambi's pages and I was beside myself wishing I had them, too.

I walked over to the TBS store at Glorietta 3 today, after a meeting and I suddenly had a feeling of

a) I wanted everything from the collection,
b) I wanted to douse myself sparkly
c) Christmas-y, because everything in the store was ready to give as gifts but more on that on the next few days.

Scroll down below for the gasp-inducing photos. Be still, our hearts.

It’s time to sparkle! The new Winter Trend Make-Up Collection from The Body Shop combines sexy shimmer, sophisticated glitter and a touch of festive magic to create a look that’s pure glamour. Skin glistens with tiny sparkles. Eyes are dressed in feminine pinks, golds and silver. And glossy lips are shot with iridescence and teamed with glittery nails. This is make-up that’s made to party!

Winter in countries that actually have winter are usually represented by gold and glistening white. Even though we don't really have winter, the weather's been pleasant and it seems like the only way to go is to be iridescent!

I can tell, as early as now the parties will be crazy come December and what more perfect way to enter a room in sparkly presence is to spray yourself with this Sparkler in Boudoir Pink {Php 1,295}!

Its elegant atomizer ingeniously delivers a completely even veil of sparkle to the skin, whilst the clever combination of different sized pearls and glitters creates a sophisticated multi-dimensional shimmer. 

I can't promise I can resist this pretty bottle, especially since the nozzle reminds me old films where delicate actresses spray themselves with perfume!

The Twilight Palette: Violet Sky, Lilac Mist, Pink Champagne and Damson Velvet and a highlighter in Pearl {Php 1,295}

To adapt the colour palette into a succulent shimmering pearl effect, first smooth the pearl highlighter all over eye-lid, then apply eye-colours as normal. Chase Aston, International Make-Up Artist & Spokesperson.

I have developed a love for mauves and pinks and purples over the last couple of days {sadly, I have forgotten to take photos of those}. This is a beautiful set to complement yellow tones and fair-skinned ladies. And the pearl highlighter can be used on brow bones and inner corners, too! Doesn't hurt that this collection comes with a mirror so you can set up a mini vanity station just about anywhere.

The Midnight PaletteSilver Moon, Bronze Blaze, Pink Light, Starry Night and a highlighter in Lunar {Php 1,295}

Smooth and blend the Lunar highlighter along the brow bone, under the arch of the brow and onto the inner corners of the eyes to widen and brighten the sensual winter smoky eye. Chase Aston, International Make-Up Artist & Spokesperson.

Ah, sultry, wintry eyes, where do I begin? I have smokey eyes as I type this. No, I did not wear them at home, I have been at work all day but in the morning when I got up, I realized I wanted to line my eyes with beautiful shades of charcoal and gunmetal. I had been looking for a golden bronze shadow in my stash then I realized I had none. Then it was,

Hello, Midnight Palette, it's so nice to see you.

The Pink Light shade would add even more depth and twinkle on your normal smokey eyes. I am smitten like a kitten!

Stardust Glitter Pots in Feminine Pink and Glamorous Gold {Php 550}

Stardust isn’t just the preserve of fairies. Give your party look a touch of fabulous glitter with a Stardust Glitter Pot. Choose from feminine pink or glamorous gold particles and gently apply to your face and body with The Body Shop Eye Shadow. Brush or your fingertips to sparkle the night away. 

Transitioning from daily makeup {mine, apparently is a smokey look} may be hard if you don't want to redo your whole routine. With these glitter pots, all it takes is a dab of either and I'm sure you'd amp up a normal look and become ferosh and sparkly in no time.

Eye Liners in Starlight and Dramatic Black {Php 650} Lip Gloss in Natural and Pink Sparkle {Php 695}

Chase Aston says, “Winter’s smoky eyes would not be complete without a bold slick of liquid eye-liner. Re-create the classic retro winged eye using the black shade, or add a twist to both your day and night look by sweeping the shimmering silver liner across lids to add contrast and drama.”

I've seen the starlight liner on Jheng and it felt like all traffic stopped. It was absolutely gorgeous and I felt like when we were talking I was seeing her eyes sparkle {that doesn't sound right but it was sparkly, eh}. I wanted to grab a tube of this little thingums and line them on my eyes!

Apply directly to the lips using the special heart-shaped applicator with reservoir that delivers the perfect amount of gloss. Each Lip Gloss features passion fruit oil plus a skin-caring blend of Community Fair Trade organic virgin coconut oil, marula oil, cocoa butter and beeswax for lips that feel sensational.

Ah, the lipglosses. What is not to love? The heart shaped ends of the wands brings me back to my teenage days when there's barely a hint of color on my lips, just a bit of shine and maybe some glitters {yes, I was so arte even then}. Since I'm on a big reminiscing spree, I might as well try this beautiful love glosses {I especially *heart* the Pink Sparkle!}.

That's about it! I am unfortunately, my own victim because I have whetted my own appetite for makeup and all things mahinhin and sparkly! I will post a look soon if I don't get too forgetful to take photos.

Do you like anything from The Body Shop's Winter Trend collection? I know I do. ALL OF THEM!

*Because this collection makes me want to be my opposite: mahinhin. But that's just me and IDK if TBS aims this collection to be.

Sparkle, sparkle, sparkle,