Black and White Swans

In light of Natalie Portman's recent Oscar win {was rooting for Annette, too but Natalie is my top most pick}, I thought I'd share my partner's and my similar outfits from a couple of weeks ago, at the Pond's Dinner with Tweetie de Leon:

 I'm the Black Swan
Dress: Room 707 | Singapore
Belt: Room 707 | Singapore
Blazer: Colour Eighteen
Shoes: Pill Footwear

My favorite belt to date ... because it's so odd.

Accessories of the Night: Purple Cocktail Ring: From a bazaar at Commonwealth
Bracelet: From the White Swan herself

Shen is the White Swan See? We even have identical shoes! Have you ever dressed up similarly with anyone?

*All photos taken by Shen Gee.