Back from the Boonies

It feels so good to be useful again. :D

For five days, or what seemed to be like an eternity, I had been confined at the hospital nearest to my home. I haven't been strapped into a metal bed for the longest time {the last being a 4 hour stint at Asian Hospital's ER for gastroenteritis} some four years ago. I wailed like a banshee because I had no one with me and my companion did not know what to do.

Oh well.

I had some minor infections, which were rather not so minor, given the fact I had to stay at the hospital for five days. My aunt knocked at my door and gasped when she saw my swollen right cheek and ordered me to immediately come with her to the hospital.

To cut a rather long story short, I had been on IV for four days and this time, the antibiotics jammed through my veins every 8 hours were the reasons for my tears. Add to that were the &8#()$*! painful skin tests which nurses un-mercifully jabbed through the skin below my elbow, I was praying that my life ended right there and then.

Drama queen hits aside, I was probably the happiest patient in the entire wing {or hospital for that matter, according to my nurses}. Despite complaining of boredom {I simply had no energy to read the books I asked Manang to bring and instead found myself perusing pages and pages of Sweet Valley High, which were like fluff on a lazy afternoon}, I was happy to have finally used the excuse to rest. There simply hasn't been enough weekends for me to recuperate from all the things I have been working on, plus all my extra curriculars and all the things that's going in on my head. It was a much needed break --- albeit an expensive one.

Which brings me to my next point: insurance. I've never had to use any form of insurance until this and if that was the peace of mind that you get from things you insure like health, car, house, business, errr, body parts, then I would gladly insure whatever I can.

True, I am in the insurance industry {albeit none of this kind} and true, I am employed by a company that provides ample healthcare benefits but for this particular incident, I whipped out my personal HMO card {a plan my mother got for us before she left for the US} for some reason. I did help with some of the payments and have taken care of the paperwork on my own. It felt good to see where your payments have been going to all these years and to somewhat use them. And it felt good not to hear an invisible cash register every time check out time passes and you're still in your hospital bed and being injected with a ton of sticky antibiotics.

On another note, I feel loved! Granted, I was on my full on drama queen mode {ask my mother} during the first days at the hospital, having no immediate family with me and feeling ugly but the feeling was easily dispelled as well wishers, desserts, friends, flowers, desserts, books, magazines, desserts came trickling in. I wouldn't want to be confined anytime soon but it sure was a nice exercise to make yourself feel loved {just sayin!}

 Thanks, T!

All in all, it was a necessary exercise, methinks. I have been ignoring all my body's signs that I needed to rest and so it just had to grab me by the shoulders and plonk me down a metal bed. And it was nice being able to catch up on all those TV shows, too!

Wow, I am not making sense. Sensible posts coming up this week, I promise!

Have you been listening to what your body has been telling you?