Low EQ, we meet again.

And I thought I've been doing well. Friends and I talk about this common phenomenon, err, sickness, that occurs every now and then when we have one particular thing in mind to buy at a store and end up getting more than what we intended to.

Last week, it was the case of my 'nesting' phase, wherein I was only supposed to buy my prescribed antibiotics. When I walked into the mall from the parking, I was lured into the linen section and before I knew it, I was hauling 400-thread count bedsheets, two new pillows and three Victorian-inspired curtains.

I was like, " Where did that come from?"

I wasn't regretting my decision. After all, the curtains make me smile every time I see them and the bedsheets and pillows, God bless them, have helped me sleep like a baby {as if I can sleep tighter than I already do.} So I forgave myself for the uber spontaneous purchase. And then it happened again, on a smaller scale, however:

The Body Shop's White Musk line plus Vitamin E Toner and Moisturizer I only wanted a second bottle of my White Musk chiffon mist up getting the entire line {Blame the pretty bag that came with it, HA!}. Oh and in true Becky Bloomwood fashion, I ended up signing up for the membership thing which earned me the Vitamin E freebies. Sweet, right?

As if that was not enough, The Body Shop Greenbelt was right across Powerbooks and you guessed right:

Paper Cuts by Pam Pastor French Women for All Seasons by Mireille Guiliano Mini Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella

Damn, bouts of sadness in the afternoon! I wonder what my mother have to say. :D

What about you, do you succumb to low EQ, too?