I Made My First Group-Buying Site Purchase!

Yesterday, I was once again jolted from my bed {has not happened for the last years, maybe decade}. As I was checking my email, something I do once I open my eyes, I saw a deal that finally calls me: Php 300 for a session of Candela Laser at Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics!

Much like many internet-savvy Filipinos, I have been hooked to this group-buying site phenomenon. Every day, I get emails from Ensogo, Cash Cash Pinoy, Metro Deal, Deal Grocer and Buyanihan but nothing ever really catches my attention because most of the deals are Boracay hotels, food, burgers, spas and things that I didn't really fancy at the moment.

When I saw laser and Shinagawa {this is located at my building}from Metrodeal's email, I snapped into attention and forwarded it to my friends T and C so we could all go together. By afternoon, I took a break from writing and Microsoft Powerpoint to purchase my very first group-buying site deal:

Some considerations when buying from these sites, though: Always read the fine print:

The fine print

    * Voucher validity: March 12, 2011 until Sept. 12, 2011
    * Call for reservations: (02) 491 0000
    * Price is Net (includes VAT)
    * Voucher is transferable and can be given as gifts to family and friends
    * 1 voucher per person

... which is not bad, actually. True, one session will not make much of a difference but at least I get to try this service for a fraction of the normal price which is Php 3,000. If it's that good, I just have to make a repeat, yes?

And what I love the most about these sites? The easy payment system! I love that virtually every option is doable!

Now, I can't wait to try candela laser courtesy of Metro Deal!

Have you tried any group-buying site yet? What deal did you get?