Wonderfully Surprised with Love Minerals

It was a Friday night, still high after watching the Manila run of Rent: the Musical, when my bestfriend Y and I stumbled upon the opening of Mercato Centrale Night at Bonifacio Global City. I was driving aimlessly around BGC, like I always do for I never really remember which street is which and which side Kabisera {our real destination that night} was on, when I saw a huge white tent with lots of people milling about. This is Wonderful Surprise #1.

I shrieked and told Y that we will just park for a little bit so I can look for some mochiko or some odd dessert and we can go drink afterwards.

 But the mochiko was sold out. We had Kahlua Cake instead, which was more than amazing.

We were ready to move on to Kabisera when the rain started pouring, causing us to linger a little bit more,
which was fine because we stumbled upon this:

Human Heart Nature products!

After a good thirty minutes of ogling all the bottles and the containers, I finally settled on the lemongrass hand sanitizer and HHN's Love Minerals Foundation in Orient Pearl, aka Wonderful Surprise #2.

Human Heart Nature's Mineral Makeup Line | Foundation in Orient Pearl

A beauty breakthrough! Love Minerals by Human Nature was created especially for the Filipina. Expertly formulated to suit the Filipina skin tone and enhance her beautiful complexion, Love Minerals is 100% natural and completely free from all harmful ingredients found in most conventional cosmetics. Finally, for the first time, every Filipina can enjoy make-up that is safe, healthy and designed with her in mind.

Our pressed powder foundation has sheer to medium coverage and contains Rice Bran Oil, a long-time Japanese secret for beautiful, youthful-looking skin, as well as Rice Powder, a natural skin mattifier which helps improve skin texture. No talc, no parabens, no mineral oil, no silicone, no artificial fragrance, no artificial dyes, no alcohol or other toxic ingredients. So good you can sleep in it!

Choose from ORIENT PEARL (very light skin tone), ISLAND SHELL (fair tone), SAND DOLLAR (fair to medium) or BORACAY BRONZE (morena).

Love Minerals by Human Nature - bringing out the beauty in the Filipina.... naturally.

I was especially stoked to see mineral foundation in a compact, though I had a sneaky suspicion that anything mineral pressed would tend to be loose. Still, I went ahead and purchased it {Php 425, how inexpensive} and tried it on the next day. I have long wanted to find a mineral foundation that's compressed, because by nature, I am already a messy person, and anything else messy will just aggravate my state of disarray. I have been using this nifty little product since and here are some observations after three almost four weeks of usage:

The Good:

  • The light gold packaging is a nice touch, looks very pretty though it gets easily grubby after mingling with the other items in my bag. Or maybe it's just me.
  • I did not break out, nor were there any allergic reactions on my skin, which were expected because it's mineral makeup, after all.
  • The embossed heart is just too cute <3
  •  Coverage is medium, good for days when you don't need to be too made up, good for daily use because it does not feel heavy at all and yet it finishes of matte. 
  • Reacts well with liquid foundations I've tried it with such as Purederm BB Cream and Revlon Colorstay Mineral Mousse, as opposed to some getting sticky when mixed with other forms of foundation.
  • It did not make me oily, in fact, I noticed a significant decrease in my usage of oil-control film, to the point that some days, I don't use any at all.
  • Since it's mineral makeup, there was an absence of parabens and other harmful chemicals {I think!} and I feel that using it is so much healthier for my skin. When I met up with Sasha the other day, she commented how nicer my skin was. I'd like to think this foundation had something to do with it, but it could be, too, that I have just gotten out of the hospital and have been on detox.

  • The shade Orient Pearl is perfect for me. I am MAC NC30/25, for reference.
  • Locally produced and all that CSR thingamajig.
  • The foundation comes with a sponge though I use my Charm Luxe Mini Kabuki in applying this.
  • Extremely reasonably priced at Php 425.
Here are some FOTDs, BTW:

I have blemishes and red spots on my right cheek but they're hardly visible now =)

And this was taken in Tagaytay by my friend Katy.
It registers so well on professional camera, I LIKE!

The Bad, however:

  • Since it is still mineral makeup, it tends to come off the compact when brushed too swiftly. I do try to be careful as I don't like wastage. I noticed too, that some brushes tend to scrape it more than the others.
  • Nine grams for a product seems to little for a girl's foundation threshold. I like having not to go to the mall every month for foundation, it's a complete waste of time for me. And as of the moment, I am nearly hitting the pan. Ack. :{
  • I'm too tamad to physically buy this every now and then. Sure, there's online shopping but I'm too afraid it will break in transit.
  • Limited shades. It's fortunate that Orient Pearl is a perfect fit for me, however, with other brands having multitudes of shades available, it's as easy to shift to other brands and find a match, yes?
  • It can be a little dry and powdery, might not be a good choice for dry-skinned girls but I think it could be fixed with lots of moisturizer.
  • The box looks tacky, IMO. Of course, this is not really bad, just a personal preference.

Overall: I'll probably stick to this, lest I have to ask someone buy it for me from a physical store or maybe I'll risk it and order online OR through my usual way of ordering HHN products through the Island Berry. I like how it's perfect for summer {which I believe is coming, no matter how much it's been drizzling recently.}

Any wonderful surprises lately?
La vie t'apelle!