The Search For Shoes Begins

And for the first time, I have absolutely no idea how to go about it.

As I have reiterated for so many times in this blog now, I am no athlete. I have zero knowledge of competitive sport {fine, tennis and gymnastics are stuff I will not embarrass myself at} but throw me into anything that requires training, agility, endurance, strength, resistance and most of all, discipline, then you'll get me walking away.

When I came back, I had every inch of me craving for some physical activity. While my norm has always been 30 minutes of jogging every morning before work, I find that it's time for me to up this and commit to a more strenuous routine. I figured I wasn't getting any younger and I can't spend my next years doing boring runs in the morning. I thought of yoga and running as my choice of activities so back in Toronto, I was able to score me some yoga attire.

Now, on to the subject of shoes.

My Reebok running shoes {the only athletic shoe in my stable of shoes, my Nike Badminton shoes do not count because I bought them for vanity} are nearly giving up on me so there's that NEED for new running shoes. Then again, I am to do indoor gym activities, too, so I need me some cross trainers. Now, two pairs of shoes would set me back roughly Php 10,000 and I don't want to do that.

I've Google-d running shoes vs. cross trainers for help since I know wearing the wrong footwear could injure one, especially someone who doesn't know so much about sports. Through research, I found out that running shoes are engineered to provide support to the toes since it's what hits the ground when running and that cross trainers are made in a way that it provides stability in workouts.In the process of Googling, I saw some really pretty shoes {I gotta see visuals so stay in this game!} but what I really need is advice on what to get?

For Running:

Adidas CC Ride in Yellow

Adidas Clima Cool Ride {I've seen this in pink. So pretty!}

For Cross Training:

Adidas Fluid Trainer
But this is so pretty, too!