Day 7 Onwards: I am Back and Better

On the seventh day of my chemical peel romance, I woke up, stood up, glided past the mirror and did a second look: the dark burnt skin have fallen away! I can now recognize myself! Hooray!

The truth is, I was getting used to looking like I had a third degree burn. I was used to seeing pity in the eyes of strangers. On another {happier} hand, I had gotten used to applying makeup only on the non-skin parts of my face, such as the eyebrows and the lips. I was used to a shorter time in applying makeup, since I only applied a light layer of Maybelline's Pure Minerals Foundation, which is really next to nothing, because it's meant to take off the shine, that's all.

I may be feeling like my normal self, and with renewed confidence but boy, did this chemical peeling did teach me a LOT of lessons. I remember confessing them all to Dr. Lacson  when I came back to the House of Obagi, two weeks after for my post-treatment consultation.

In the photo below, I am en route to the office, slapped on Obagi Sunblock, a little Maybelline Angelfit concealer on the eyebags, a quick swipe of Maybelline Pure Minerals Foundation, MAC Girl Boy, MAC Pink Nouveau and sans the glasses.

LOL. I do look different in different clothes and with my hair styled well, don't you think?

Here are some of my takeaways from the entire House of Obagi Blue Peel Experience:

  1. Prevention is key.  Eliminating scars is worse and harder to do than doing so with pimples. I now understand why dermatologists prick our pimples during our visits.
  2. Patience.  I was warned of the down time but I cannot stress this enough: it really felt bad to be looking like I had a skin disease. I felt that people were really scared of or feeling pity for me. I choose neither. 
  3. Nothing is unimprovable. I used to believe that while my skin was livable, no amount of salicylic acid, topical cream or achievable procedure save for plastic surgery could make it better. HOO's Blue Peel changed that myth. Since the peel, I have hardly applied my usual {see: kinda heavy makeup} and I can live through the day without retouching. Never thought it was possible.
  4. Inside beauty matters.While the reason why I was 'ugly' was obviously a step towards beauty, I figured that I had to muster every ounce of kindness, charm and wit to makeup for the scary sight that I was. If I chose to be mean while I was scarred and burnt, I would've been burned at the stake right there and then.
  5. Simple is fun! I had to add an exclamation point to that. Ever since I had the peel, I have transitioned to a simpler regimen {although I do apply Erythromycin in the morning and Tretinoin in the evening}. I now use just one moisturizer, I've shelved my serums for the moment and sunblock in the morning. Ain't that fun?
  6. There's a reason why the price is such. The technology of slowly burning the skin to have it peeled off not in an instant but gradually, is amazing to me. While I think I never would have tried this treatment from the expense of my pocket prior to the experience, I realized I have started saving up for another one. Maybe in two months.
  7. Skin changes. As we grow older, our skin's needs changes, sometimes, they need simpler things, sometimes complex ones {such as this}. It's only now that I've accepted that I'm no longer the fresh-faced teenager I once was.

Would I recommend the House of Obagi Blue Peel? Yes.

But only with the following conditions:

  1. Guts. You have to have guts because for seven days you cannot hide under the mask of makeup. Your skin will really get red and wrinkly and you'll start questioning if you did the right thing. I sure did. 
  2. Time. Aside from the obvious need of resources, one must have the time as well. The down time required that I stayed indoors because peeled skin cannot be exposed to the sun in this stage. We have all seen peeling horror stories. Let's not be a part of those.
  3. Emotionally-ready. A girl's looks, no matter how secure and strong she is, will affect her emotions if changed drastically. I honestly thought I could handle it and it was a struggle to keep my sanity in check every time I saw myself in the mirror.

Dr. Lacson said it would take two more weeks before the 'glow' of the treatment shows through. If that's the case, I can't wait!

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