Things I Love Sundays: Thanksgiving Ed.

Oh hi, blog, I have missed you so!

Apart from the usual batshit crazy busyness most people I know have been undergoing these past few weeks, I'd been extra lucky to have been celebrating a number of milestones in my life: I just turned 26, I was once again present at the Ad Congress and I transferred buildings! This girl has so much to thank for!

At the first night of #AdCon22, at the Smart-Governor's Night slash Party.
Thanks for the photo, Toshi!

Where I won a Smart Netphone via Twitter :D

... and it was a little foreboding because my iPhone became wonky just the day after, which drove me nuts until it got fixed when I got back to Manila.

Watch the amazing AdCon22 opening in the video below:

A truly funny and engaging speech and Q & A via GMA 7's Atty. Gozon and ABS-CBN's Korina Sanchez:

However, EL3's {Eugenio "Gabby" Lopez III} was the speech I liked the best:

Of course, DOT Secretary Mon Jimenez is a close second:

When I returned to Manila, it was time for me to turn 26 --- which I celebrated by going to the church, having my quiet time where my wonky iPhone helped by not working and not delivering my messages :{ Oh and I also gifted myself a new toy!

I am not sure what took me so long to get an iPad 2!

... which of course I encased in an animal print case from Aldo.

This is how I see Facebook ---- like a magazine. Via Flipboard.

And on the first day of the week, these were the things that welcomed me:

Birthday blooms!

 A brighter and better workspace.

 A new address.

{Another} Birthday cake. Thanks, Carlos and Denise!

It's funny how people know me well -- well enough to give me gifts I truly like! Thanks, TJ and Shawie!

This is going to come in handy :D Thank you!

The only photo from birthday lunch at Chelsea.

And goofing at a night of celebrating my first week of being 26 {and my nth birthday celebration}:

With Manhole Anonymous Members.
Love you, girls!

More than the seemingly superficial things, I am thankful for the chance to learn, the opportunity to build friendships, the times I am called to pray, for the laughter, the madness, the resources, the traveling, the wisdom that comes with age.

I am a girl with a million things to be grateful for. Thank You. <3

What are you thankful for?