Things I Love Sundays: Laughter-Filled Weeks

Don't you just love friends and colleagues who make you laugh always? I'm lucky to be surrounded by the funniest people. For this week's Things I Love Sundays post, I wasn't sure to put --- I mean, my life is basically work whizzing me by through the days. I thought to myself, " I'm just going to say how busy I am la di dad and what is new with that?

" Most days, I'm careening through a long list and ever since January kicked in, I've been diligently been sleeping three hours earlier than I used to, which means I wake up really early, sometimes as early as 4 AM.

I'm officially turned into a lola.

But a yogini lola nonetheless :P But one fact was reverberating throughout the week: I was laughing a lot. As if I wasn't already a big belly laugh-er {people tell me I have a signature loud laugh}, my week has been bursting with guffaws that make your jaw hurt and words that get lost in between.

Gotta love this life. Speaking of yoga, I love it that I was able to practice this week. And eat like a kargador after.This probably the most accurate reading / prediction about who I am ---EVER.

Charismatic and intuitive, you are a friendly Scorpio with a winning smile and powerful emotions. Although usually a forceful character with a dynamic personality, you are kind and generous and at times, surprisingly modest. You need to overcome a tendency to be fixed and learn to let go of your controlled emotions. Ambitious and dramatic, with sensitivity and quick responses, you have the potential for outstanding creative achievement. Sociable and an expert at personal contact, your charm and your shrewd judgment of character can help you in all situations.

With the combination of your leadership abilities and emotional sensitivity, you will naturally rise to positions of power. Possessing charm and advanced social skills, you are likely to succeed in people-related activity. Your communication skills may draw you toward occupations such as teacher, lecturer, writer or salesperson. Your ability to make useful contacts can help you in business, especially combined with your ability to commercialize your talents. Alternatively, your natural dramatic sense can help you succeed in politics, the entertainment world, or the arts. 

The best thing about it? I have no idea where it came from. It was just a photocopied paper on my desk, from my boss' friend's book.

Goofing around in the office, lots of major LOL moments :D

My current seatmate at work. Receiving an award from the country's premiere advertising award-giving body, PANA.

At the Dusit Thani Hotel last Friday nightOprah's February issue. Each issue is pure magic and awesomeness. Some items that caught my rather short attention span:

This Spiegel blazer above would definitely cheer up dreary grays and blacks!

And this dress from Anthropologie would work with maybe an orange blazer.

According to my fortune cookie. I'm not too sure about that.

How adorable are these Sephora brushes?

Of course why this is funny is for obviously inside joke reason. Thanks, T, for the picture!

One of my most favorite actresses ever, Drew Barrymore is February's My Best Life. I've always loved her and I've always loved the fact that all of her romantic movies use Spandau Ballet's True. If you notice the yellow skirt in the pictures in the beginning of this post, it's all because I had been reading this page from O Magazine and was inspired.

The upcoming Cranberries Concert on April 10. 90s kids, raise your hands in the air!

Hanging out with friendsand knowing you're not just drinking buddies {because you don't drink so much now!}.  Sartorial inspirations, brekkies, writing on tablets, a multitude of handwritten fonts, getting better at Photoshop. Playing with babies, this article on Shelly Lazarus, not giving in to Temple Run, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Jaw that hurts from too much laughing.

What are you loving today? xx