Here's my LUVIN, MDNA.

There has never been an artist that has made me scream, get goosebumps, scream again, smile sheepishly, dance, clap all at the same time other than Madonna. I was less than 10 years old when I saw a video of her concert in Italy and I knew right there and then I'm going to love her and watch every show she would be in. All of the songs in her concerts have all been mini-concerts on its own. My favorite has always been this:

Madonna's La Isla Bonita | Drowned World Tour

I still get the chills up to now. And this was in 2001. Who doesn't want to learn flamenco after that?

All my life, I'd been purchasing Madonna biographies and a Madonna biography is a no-fail gift to me any occasion. At this time, I have about five of those now, all different authors. My copy of M is for Madonna, remain to be the most battered of all though.

Of course, it was only natural that I have palpitated, screamed and made an utter fan girl of myself when I finally savored each moment of this {blurry yet I was clapping like I was there} video.

Madonna, Nicki Minaj,Cee Lo and MIA at the Superbowl 46 half time. Oh. My. God. Love you forever, Madonna. I can't wait to watch you LIVE.