Things I Love Sundays: Sundays

To be honest, the subtitle of this post is an inspiration from a fellow blogger's post on Saturdays, who in turn was inspired from someone's post on Sundays.

It's a Sunday, and I love how I woke up only to feel sleepy again. I went back to bed --- something I don't get the luxury of doing most days. Foregoing snoozing the alarm has been a thing of the past and every weekend, I vow to give in to this.

"Toss the numbers game, young vs. old! It’s about vitality & life force. You can be 25 & have zero energy & passion, or 45 & possess & put forth a dynamic, vital spirit, & engage in activities that follow suit. Don’t be a prisoner to your mind — that’s where fear & doubt live. Don’t wait for this or that to happen to live your life. Do it now… Make a plan then get off your ass & live!”

Eden Grimaldi

Meditation and having my breath as the only thing I am thinking about. Yoga practice. If everyone in the world practiced yoga, the world would be a much better place. Yugoslavian food --- who knew there was such a thing? Unannounced meetings = Surprisingly productive. Doodling and reading. Friends and more laughing.

Mamma Mia. Thank you for the music, ABBA!

Sunsets. Quality coffee. Impromptu outfits. Bumping into blogger friends {hello, Fran!} Sparkly things. Carrie Bradshaw's style35 Lessons from Warren Buffett.

Lana del Rey on the cover of Vogue UKThe best career adviceBlogStar wisdom.

  1. Champagne and French Fries at midnight go together like the stars and the moon.
  2. “Create a platform for other people to succeed.” – BurdaStyle
  3. Business cards are as important as your blog if you care about how you look.
  4. When you fall out of love with something, so do your readers.
  5. Walls by Gallery Direct is a game changer.
  6. Gabby Blair reminds me of Grace Kelly mixed with Kathryn Graham.
  7. Most people read blogs 8am-10am, noon, 3pm.
  8. Megan Reardon from Not Martha is made of magic.
  9. “Blogging’s not about making money even though it is.” — Meg Keene
  10. Heather Armstrong is not a lesbian but I fell for her.
  11. Taking an advertiser that’s not a good match dilutes your brand. It’s not worth it!
  12. Wilson Art is made of sugar and spice and all things nice.
  13. People who snatch gift bags and run do not make their parents proud.
  14.  ”If I cram my life with things I love, then there is no room for things I don’t love.” — Gretchen Rubin
  15. Victoria Smith rocks the world; very quietly, very effectively.
  16. When reaching out for collaborations, make it easy to say yes.
  17. Your blog is not a game show! Be choosy with your giveaways!
  18. From blog to book: a book is the most expensive business card ever.
  19. Mara Koefed’s essence should be bottled and sprinkled liberally.
  20. The Grand America feels like home.
  21. Laura Mayes is the yin and the yang.
  22. Evernote, people, Evernote. Make it yours today and you’ll own tomorrow.
  23. Flood Street is the hot new FB app you need to know about to grow your FB world.
  24. Susan Petersen from Freshly Picked can do it all.
  25. Pilar Gruzman and Deborah Needleman hold talents we but dream about.
  26. Photobooths are the new party balloon.
  27. Path is the new Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, thing
  28. Melanie Biehle from Inward Facing Girl is made of sunshine and light.
  29. Pinterest’s Ben Silbermann is Steve Jobs-ish without the mean bits.
  30. Laurie Smithwick understands design like I understand it’s important to breathe.
  31. “If it looks good but doesn’t feel good, that will start to show.” — Maggie Mason
  32. Erin Loechner is the one to watch.
  33. “Stop talking about it and go do it.” — Liz Stanley
  34. “I want to be known for the things that I make, not for the things that I say.” — Ben Silbermann
  35. Stay classy.
  36. “Technology is a good servant but a bad master.” — Gretchen Rubin.
  37. When Jordan Ferney decided to devote herself to good, original content, her traffic grew 42% in one month.
  38. “There is enough out there for all of us. Do your best and do it with integrity and your work will shine.” – Joslyn Taylor

Hair fixers --- because my hair has been quite dull these past few weeks --- and no one likes unhealthy hair.

 We all know how moisturizing Dove soap is. Dove Haircare will presumably take the Manila market by storm. As for me, I can't wait to try these out. A friend already texted me this works for her, I hope it does the same for me, too.

Y'all know I've been blabbing about this all week :D Review coming up soon!

The power of scents. Have I ever told you that I cannot do anything properly if I don't like the scent I'm smelling? It doesn't have to be unpleasant --- sometimes, I am discombobulated by plain dry air, it's weird.

There's a burning Body Shop scented oil behind my PC most days and this lavender candle {among many others} at my desk.

MDNA by Madonna. I'm tingling with excitement that her May 2012 concert will push through. Plus, what to do tomorrow as she performs at Super Bowl? 

Full days. Just as Gretchen Rubin said, if you fill your days with things you love, there's no more room for the ones you don't.

Sometimes, I can't find the time to write anymore --- and things just happen and at night, I just kind of collapse into my bed. Not complaining though :D

Having laughs about having parallel lives with Pinoy romcom characters {Phoebe!}. Especially this one:

Chick Literature. I have forgotten how delightful it is to just rest the mind and read fluffy chick lit in favor of career, or self-help books or business tomes that I had just stayed in bed all week with this:

Thank you for letting me adapt this, T!

Which reminds me, I'm in my last 20 pages, so goodbye for now. I do wish anyone who's reading this a very nice week ahead and that you fulfill everything that your heart desires <3

What are you loving this Sunday?