The Perfect Arch Exists: the Browhaus Experience

I used to think I had okay brows. Some months ago, I've had them threaded at a local salon and thought I looked fine with the neutral shaped brows --- I mean, they're just brows, right?

Hello standard issue brows.

I truly thought that brows, as long as they are the shape of eyebrows as we know them, they should be fine. For years and years, all I've known to do is just dab on MAC Girl Boy and I feel perfect. Who knew it can be better?

Brow Resurectees.

Last week, a few blogger friends and I dropped by at the Serendra branch of Browhaus to roadtest their threading services. At the same time, they shared with us the news of the Brow Resurrection, or the procedure in which the brows are drawn upon realistic eyebrows with the use of individual and specific needles to achieve realistic brows. Every treatment takes about 90 minutes {consultation and drawing altogether} where vegetable dye is used. In this day of overplucked and nakakalbong kilay, this seems heaven sent! The catch? Brow Resurrection costs about Php38,000 --- but if I have balding to none left of eyebrows, even I would succumb to that.

Browhaus' Tab Abad explains that while Brow Resurrection may be Browhaus' most painful treatment, the pain scale reaches only up to 4, with 10 being the highest, thanks to topical anesthesia that comes with it. In this picture, that day's model, Giselle, is being prepped for Brow Resurrection, and in the back, a brow architect mixes dye to match Giselle's hair color. See how her left eyebrow has almost none of the hair on it?

Another point that piqued my interest was how much of a stickler for quality Browhaus is. The very pretty Tab explained that each architect goes to train at their Browhaus Camp in Singapore to train for two months on all possible shapes and sizes and cases of eyebrows. I'd think my eyebrow fiend friend Sophie would love for us to go there! :D

I wish I had a photo to show you of her 'after' photo but I can't find it in my archives --- but do check out Kira's post for Giselle's eyebrow result.

At the waiting area is an assortment of reviews from magazines and blogs. Something looks familiar!

Row, Shenny and Martha and hello Sophie!

Eyebrow Cuppycakes <3

Anyway. I thought I had fine eyebrows, so I wasn't too sure if I had wanted to endure the torture of threading. However, to the convincing powers of friends KiraAlex and Martha, I had gone under the thread and well, you be the judge:

The tools of the trade --- Browhaus use a thread that's specifically made for the face and not for well, stitching or sewing clothes. That means that it hurts less {at one point, I even fell asleep}.

Since skin around the eyebrow area cannot be washed nor used with something wet (like MAC Girl Boy), the eye brow tech mixed colors to line my brows and make it perfect.

 See, the skin around it is a bit red but just wow. I never thought perfect arches can really help brighten up the face!

 A Sitting Down OOTD
Purple Dress: Greenhills
Cardigan: Mango
Scarf: A gift from Sab
Clutch: Fab Manila / Gift from Carla
Shoes: {not in picture}March
Earrings: Pinkbox

Some notes on the Browhaus experience:

  • You know all those run of the mill threading services practically everywhere and you end up having painful eyebrow area and mediocre arches? Nothing like at all at Browhaus! I was waiting for the pain to kick in and I was expecting clean but normal arches and kind of blinked twice when I saw how angular my new eyebrows are.
  • I have a theory that eyebrows tend to not grow back when being plucked -- so I stick to shaving and threading. But that's just me.
  • Php 580 for classic threading may be expensive but since one doesn't have to do it regularly {one time then just stick to maintenance}, the price is well worth it. As I type this {which is a week after the experience}, I still don't see stray hairs, which is weird in a good way.
  • Done in less than 30 minutes. Tops.
  • Hygienic, polite and helpful service. The little details always matter.
  • I asked for the slightly arched eyebrows since I learned from the shu uemura Yume class that angled eyebrows give the impression that the person is more intelligent. HA! =P And I got it!
  • The eyebrow powder is something I want to take home, it's bongga! It's made me believe in the power of powder eye brow fillers once again and that dark eyebrows still look good on me pala. 


  • A old good Classic Threading is something that will really light up the face but some folks I know have asked me offline and it's also nice to go for the eyebrow color.
  • They accept walk ins but it's always courteous to call first for an appointment. Also, so you don't have to wait. =)
  • The solid eyebrow tattoo victims of years past will be saved now -- thanks to Brow Resurrection.

What's your take on eyebrow threading and Brow Resurrection?

Browhaus has two branches: one in Greenbelt 5 {beside Strip} and one in Serendra's 2F.