Beauty, Buttered and Win a Nail Spa Date with Me!

I woke up one morning and decided that I would follow my heart and do something that involves tinkering with my nails, the smell of pampering, a lot of stress-sloughing, giggling, fruit juices and chika time. There's something with being in the corporate jungle, the busy Manila streets and the overdose of internet that makes one want to take off every now and then and forget the rest of the world.

That day --- that was exactly what I did.

Beauty and Butter, a fairly new nail salon in Megamall, was a 20 minute drive away and after I've dressed up for the occasion {a simple white dress and a colorful cape from the department store} and I was ready to just slink off to happy land and forget the rest of the world.

I think I'm getting into the orange thing -- swiped a dash of the orange eyeshadow from the shu uemura Celestial Garden collection and I can almost smell the orange juice! xx

Brights + Soft cushions + Dimmed Lighting = I am away from my world. Yay :D

The salon was equipped with all the latest colors from our favorite brands OPI, Orly, China Glaze, Sparitual, Revlon etc.

Sort of a one-stop shop for beauty, Beauty and Butter carries healthy makeup brand Priori and skincare line iSkin.

Beauty and Butter non-nail services: Facials, Waxing, Spa <3

Manila's fashion and beauty bloggers come together to relax and have a half day of pampering.

 Beauty and Butter's pretty Kwey Landayan introduces Beauty and Butter to B&B newbies like me.

Notice the not so girly interiors? Kwey says that the point was to cater to not too girly girls {unlike me, ha ha!}. I still like the edgy vibe of the salon, though.

 Yummy and light brunch care of The French Baker. Eating these while having your feet done made me wish I could do this day over and over again.

My choice of Butter service is definitely the Organic Foot Spa -- where I get to have a foot scrub, massage and an organic pedicure <3

 Sparitual, a calming, exfoliating and cleansing organic line was used during my foot spa session and until now, I can remember the ginger-citrus scent it had, plus the moisturizing properties that leave the feet soft!

There's something about the scent that makes me want to sleep.

A shade of butter: Pastel peach nail color from Sparitual

--- organic and dainty. Just a little coarser than normal polish and not too shiny but that's a given trade off and I'm just cool with that.

After the manicure, pedicure and foot spa, I was led to the back of Beauty and Butter to get stripped off leg hair:

Pre-Base and Milk Cleanser by Depileve to prep the skin for some wax and hair removal.

Depileve and Beauty and Butter use these handheld wax applicators which makes the wax spread out easily {and thinly}. 

Waxing strips are pressed against the skin and get ready to say 'Ouch!' NOT. It was relatively pain free <3

After the entire waxing session, the skin is massaged with an oil cleanser.

 ... and finally soothed with a camomile cleansing cream.

 Hello, hairless legs!

Now, here's the fun part! Yours truly is one of Beauty and Butter's select Butter Girls and as a treat to my dearest readers, and because I've been wanting to meet you, I'm hosting a sparty {nails, foot spa or whatever service at B & B that you like} to three readers, pink cupcakes and pink champagne on me!

Mechanics to Join:

  1. Follow this blog via Google Friend Connect.
  2. Comment on the post why you want to go on a spa date with me at Beauty and Butter.
  3. Like Beauty and Butter on Facebook {optional}. But if you win and experience the nice services at B&B, you definitely will =)
  4. The most adorable / kikay / entertaining answer wins. =)
  5. Leave your email addy so I can contact you when I announce the giveaway winners.
  6. Winners will be announced on May 1, 2012.Every individual winner gets services worth a total of Php 1,000.
  7. Smile and feel pretty <3

Some guidelines:

  1. Giveaway is open to Metro Manila residents only {B&B branches are located at Megamall and MOA}.
  2. We'll schedule the spa date when I've identified the winners so the four of us can choose the best date.
  3. UPDATE: I figured it'll be tough to schedule something so how about a Php 1,000 GC at Beauty and Butter instead? =)

Please spread the word and I'm hoping my dear readers will be joining! Good luck!