Barcelona, I Want You.

That's the thing. What you want tends to funnel through work and here I am -- part of a team giving away a trip to Barcelona, Spain for Shine Big in Barcelona {with Sun Life Financial Philippines}, my employer. Before the details and all that, let me tell you how much fun I had working on the mechanics and promo materials of this project. I spent the entire day researching about Spain -- what to do, how much one needs, the interesting things a tourist can do {my fave's gotta be the Salvador Dali museum!}.

Sigh. I wish I can go, too!

But for all of you who wish to know how lucrative it is, have thought of becoming one as a full time career or on the side, here's a fun and simple promo we've cooked up for you. And yeah, regardless if you decide or not to become an advisor with Sun Life {best if you do!=)), you are eligible to win a trip to Barcelona, Spain!

Join today.

The promo runs only until March 30th (IKR? I was so busy to blog about it) but I do hope you join. Last year's winner had a blast in NYC! I can't wait to find out who wins this one!