Things I Love Sundays: Grateful Heart

It was a happy week for me -- the kind that even if some things go wrong {of course there were some, let's get to that}, one manages to smile through and sigh a sigh of relief and gratitude. There was one day --- I had become a slave to my emotions. At least inwardly. After a restful session at my happy place, a really good night's sleep, nothing changed -- but I felt better. I was really happy.

Sundates. A lot of giggling. Afternoons spent with friends over silly stuff. Milestones crossed over together with friends. "Only friends high five each other -- not two people dating."

The perfect arch + orange eyes. Medyo I look gulat, no?

Photo booths <3 Common ground. Unexplained dreams. Shades of Meredith Grey. Shopping and lots and lots of shopping. McDreamy. A flowchart for clothes. Tributes. Career inspirations. Love. Not being bothered at all.

Dainty nails by Beauty and Butter <3 And if you and I are friends, you would know why this picture makes me happy <3

Something exciting that I did over the weekend <3

 Cutie pies <3

Gotta love Anna, my hair stylist at Tony and Jackey Morato. Look at her outfit! Plus, her hair is my peg <3 The smell of pure and fresh peppermint. Of ginger. Doughnuts. McDreamy. Seeing girls who share the same passion as yours.

Who's going? I wanna!
Here's to a lovely week ahead, sweethearts!