Review: Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream

Anti-aging skincare is a lot like insurance. You never really know and you never really get the benefits until you're there.

It was during breakfast with my friend and her mom, a woman past 55 that it struck me: What has she been doing to stay this beautiful?, I thought. She gingerly explained she was just like us when she was younger. She was obsessed with creams and made it a point never to miss a night with it on her face. She said it didn't matter what -- as long as the skin was moisturized. Having all too familiar feelings, I couldn't help but blurt out, "I agree!"

It was my first time to use the new and improved Pond's Age Miracle Day Cream. Prior to this, I have only heard about it from friends from the blogging world, heard about those days when it would go on sale but haven't really tried. Once, I had tried to find it but couldn't --- so I was naturally thankful when I was invited to the launch and was gifted a few samples by the Pond's Team.

Now, I don't really believe in seven-day results --- I am a firm believer of things that take time achieving {must be all those times reading Malcolm Gladwell}. Besides, was I to look ten years younger overnight, and look what, 16? I like my 16 year old face but I'm very happy with my 26 year old self, too.

I still decided to use the day cream the night I got it --- and in the morning when I passed by the Snow White-ish mirror on my way to the bathroom --- I did a double take and saw how my entire face has lit up! I wouldn't exactly call it looking younger than I was but boy, does my face look brighter. "

Must be all the optics in it," I told Nikki one time. " Ikaw na ang chemist," she responded and we laughed.

Going back to my original point, I will not know now if the product works -- I'd know when I'm 50 or 55 or 60, if I don't look like the grave is calling me. All I care about now though, is that it does well for my daily needs -- hence the pro and con list, as always:

What I Love About It:

  • Optics. I heard Dr. Helen talk about the scientific explanation of the Cell Regen that was included on the improved Age Miracle but you know me --- I have ADD. I did hear the part of the optics though, and how these make the skin appear brighter when you apply the product. One time, while I was lounging around the house before applying my makeup, I only had the cream on and some SPF {Obagi, I think it was}, my brother commented that save for eyebags, I had perfect skin. And this is the brother who always thought I looked like crap without makeupand never failed to remind me of that every single day.
  • Moisturizing Properties. I've only one acid test for any cream/lotion that I use on my face: It should last the entire day or night without the face feeling tight anywhere. When I was say, 22, my skin used to produce sufficient oil to keep it supple. I guess aging has a lot to do with that --- my face gets so dry! That plus I am inside an air-conditioned building most of the day so my face has to withstand all of that. Age Miracle is perfect. No tightness whatsoever. 
  • Scent. Comparing this with the rest of the lineup of Pond's, I'd say this smells more mature though not lola-ish. In keeping up with the whole experiential thing that Pond's seem to be about {I am a Marketing person, after all}, the smell is very conservative, very dainty, very non-overpowering. Perfect.
  • No breakouts. To be fair, not every Pond's product works well with me. My face broke out like crazy with the Pond's Naturals line {the one with Camellia leaf extract. Pond's Gold Radiance night cream, while it did not break me out, had no effect whatsoever on my skin. In a Twitter conversation with Frances, she mentioned this is what works for her. I guess it really depends on our individual skin properties and conditions.
  • Not sticky at all. Used it through the 30-something weather. I did not sweat nor did it get uncomfortable.
  • Reasonable price. At Php 599/50mL jar, I think it's only fair. I've tried more expensive brands and this is up to par!

What I Don't Like About It:

  • The jar. Why products must come in dip-your-hand jars just doesn't make sense to me. It takes so much effort to scoop out the product every single day but this is forgivable.
  • What's not to like, really?


If your concern is mainly providing your skin more moisture in preparation for aging, then an anti-aging {in my words, pro youth} cream is something you might want to start using now. Have tried a couple of anti-aging creams --- and this is one of the best I've tried. While Gold Radiance is something that Pond's attributes to addressing aging concerns, I think Age Miracle does better in adding value to the current face and not just the preparations. It's perfect for the girl who wants value for money {and I don't think there's anti-aging skincare that's below Php 500}.

To fully know if this product is worth it, we'll have to wait till I'm 50. But then again, I wouldn't take that risk and I'll make sure I apply me some Age Miracle. What about you?

Love and smooth, young skin,