Things I Love Sundays: Family

The last two weeks have been spent rushing home from work and from social functions to give way to my mom and dad being in the country. It was crazy, too, having had to be at work for more than 12 hours on some days, plus having to deal with this unnecessary heat, I didn't think I could make it. Thank You for making all these possible.

And of course, some other vanity-related stuff which in no way would ever be taken out of my calendar.

The Women of the Family {my mom is the one to my right}. Talking about *gasp* marriages, jewelry, love for shoes, lingerie and the best skincare. I love <3

Chinese food and family.  This is the first time, I think, that my brother appears on this blog.

 Turning more Japanese than ever.

Sakura-inspired brightening mousse by Mamechiyo for shu uemura as well as a bottle of fresh cleansing oil is just something to brighten one's day.

Glitter nails. I tend to get distracted because this Ingenue shade from Orly is just tooooo adorable <3. Nails by Beauty and Butter

Summer Makeup is almost nothing! In this picture, I just slapped on some Myra E tinted moisturizer, shu uemura finishing powder, a little bronzer and shu uemura lip gloss.

Ang init eh!

New hairstyle.  I think I want something like this -- just something more corporate-world-friendly. A running clinic --- and getting to know how bad my form is in running. At least now I know. Realizing how  arte I truly am with this Parisian video:

Family time at Bantayan Island. How gorgeous is this island? Very.

Speaking of the beach,  it's great to be spending time au naturel. No makeup, sea and salt dried hair, just sunblock and breakouts LOL.

What's your sunblock?

It was time to bring out the mother of all SPFs --- Sunplay SPF 130! For such high SPF, I expected it to be all sticky but it wasn't. Yay!

To answer and fix my skin woes, I headed to the new Facial Care Centre branch -- Eastwood.

Oh gosh, look at THAT pimple. Thankfully, it's gone now! :) Thank you, FCC!

I love coming out of an airconditioned office in the middle of the day, hopping on to a car to meet friends and making chika over yummy food. <3

I finally saw my BTS video for the Parisian shoes thing and oh my gaaaad.Ang arte ko, yun lang!

The Fault in Our Stars. Love.

Things you make way for just to satisfy your cravings. Bags and bags of Ruffles. McDonalds' Honey Banana float, getting my spring wish {now working on my Fall wish} and all the silly things that make me happy <3

The Men of Suits. Can't wait for this show to be back. Photo via the crush of my life, Patrick J. Adams Suits means Rachel Zane and her amazing outfits.

Still via HalfAdams This Adele interview with Ushi:

Too funny :D

What's making you smile this week {and despite the heat?}


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