My Life According to Instagram

Alternately titled as What to do when you're swimming in sorrow.

It feels good to be back in cyberspace.

Been having mixed feelings with social networking sites for a few weeks. I'd say it was a little experiment to know how much my life changes without and with it. For someone who cannot untangle herself with SNS, it was pretty hard not to completely stay away --- so I pretty much stayed on Instagram for a couple of weeks. And now my cyberspace life is back on track with some minor adjustments.

I don't know what triggered the experiment, too. Maybe some of the weeks were like fields of bombs. Some days were days I had to walk on eggshells, some days were made of expensive heartbreaks, some days you ask for a win, even the smallest one --- but there were none.


I had not much words BUT I do have pictures and when I look at them, I realize maybe it wasn't so bad.

Work like you don't need the money. This is how my desk looks like before chaos begins.

Shop. If you can't be best in headstand, just be in best costume. Or, we can be both =)

Watch Grey's Anatomy. I knew he was going to die but still cried buckets and buckets over this episode.

Eat. Discovering a new place at BHS Central, Stella, and actually liking it.

Dance and surround yourself with happy people. First concert of the week: Lady Gaga.

... and the new Arena. My second concert this week was Lifehouse but I was too busy being in a trance that I have no Instagrams for it.

Before the Born this Way Ball started <3

Wear a new lipstick. MAC Please Me is pleasing me so much! <3 

Wear a new cologne. Oh the interesting {in a good way} comments I get from wearing this scent!

Attend something serious.

Wear new flats.

... and sometimes, a red velvet cupcake is all that can cheer you up.

Or six.

Have second breakfasts.

Get a haircut.

When I'm sad, I go to yoga. And I'm happier after.

Rally the troops.

 Redeem expiring miles. Book a trip. Somewhere. Anywhere.

End the night with a lychee amaretto.

Or maybe a Mango Daquiri.